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Welcome to Punta del Este

The stunning seaside city of Punta del Este awaits you with great experiences for your next getaway. This South American jet-setting tourism destination features lovely beaches, islands, natural parks, nautical sports, intense nightlife, superb gastronomy and a unique atmosphere. Make Punta del Este one of the top destinations on your travel agenda, and don't miss the opportunity to visit this unique Uruguayan location.

Punta del Este is located in the eastern part of the state of Maldonado, so close to the city of Maldonado that both cities share the same urban sprawl. Surrounding the city, you'll find nice beaches and lovely seaside towns that have grown considerably over the last few years, offering the perfect setting for a day trip, such as La Barra, Jose Ignacio, Punta Ballenas, Solanas and Portezuelo.

A Brief Description of Punta del Este

Welcome to Punta del Este

The first fishing settlements were established in these lands in the 18th century. Punta del Este was officially recognized as a town for the first time in 1907, when the population reached about 400 people. During this year, the first waves of tourists arrived at the town, most of them coming from Argentina and Montevideo. These visitors were searching for a place similar to the seaside destinations in Europe, and they found it. This was the beginning of Punta del Este as a remarkable tourist destination.



Welcome to Punta del Este

Punta del Este is located right on a peninsula, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east side and by the Rio de la Plata on the west side. The beaches located on the east coast have stronger waves than the west side. The nearby Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo receives flights from many destinations, including some European cities. You can also take a passenger ship from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, and then take a bus to Punta del Este. Distances between Uruguayan cities tend to be very short.



Hotels and Tourism

Welcome to Punta del Este

In Punta del Este, all the touristic services that you would expect from a first-class city are available. Five-star hotels decorate the beaches and main avenues, while fancy casinos and vibrant nightlife inject energy and color into Punta's night scene. Traditional Uruguayan cuisine is also remarkable, offering delicious specialties that go beyond your expectations.




Welcome to Punta del Este

One of the most interesting places for a leisurely walk is Avenida Gorlero (Gorlero Avenue), the main artery of the city. There, you'll find a great amount of stores, restaurants, bars, art galleries, casinos, nightclubs and even a shopping mall. The heart of this avenue is the Feria de los Artesanos (Artisans' Fair), a place where the people come together to socialize and buy some affordable souvenirs

Walk along Punta del Este's streets and beaches, admire the beautiful sights, be enchanted by the warmth of its inhabitants and savor delicious Uruguayan cuisine. Punta del Este awaits you!

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