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Bienvenido a Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta shopping focuses on local craftsmanship and this beautiful port has for a long time been famous for its artwork; hence the Puerto Vallarta shops offer a wonderful variety of handicrafts and souvenirs. You will have the opportunity to purchase one off pieces of art, created by many famous Mexican and international artists. However, Puerto Vallarta has something for every budget and if you have a good eye, you'll be able to find excellent pieces by unknown artists, who work on the streets, at the flea markets, and on the seafront promenade.

Almost every handcraft produced in Mexico is sold in this port town, including masks, clothing and textiles, shawls, ceramics, blown glass, copper, silver, wood carvings, cooking ingredients and liquors. The "best buys" are the ones produced locally though, such as leather sandals and hand made cotton clothing.

Puerto Vallarta shopping features from a wide range of jewelry to the most unusual items, all sold either at the flea market or at the modern malls. Strolling through the streets you will notice bargains are to be found virtually everywhere, plus you'll be able to meet and get to know the local people. These are some of the main Puerto Vallarta shops.

Flea Markets

Sjooping in Puerto VallartaTwo of the most popular flea markets in Puerto Vallarta, where you can find a good selection of original handcrafts from the entire country, are the Mercado Municipal, located next to the Plaza de las Armas, and the Mercado Municipal Cuale, situated next to the Cuale River in downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Shopping in VallartaIt is said that in order to really understand the culture of a town, you must visit the local market, and what better way to know more about this port city and do some shopping than in these two old markets. At both sites you will find an attractive selection of handcrafts, traditional clothing, jewelry, and many other items that will definitely catch your attention.

Plaza Caracol

This small, old plaza is located in the northern part of the city, one block from the Hotel Zone. It has a good variety of stores, a supermarket, and a regional department store. In the main it is mostly locals who shop here, but due to its location, it is also frequented by some tourists looking to buy personal hygiene products, groceries or a souvenir of Puerto Vallarta.

Plaza Galerias Vallarta

Plaza Galerias VallartaPlaza Galerias Vallarta is located in the port area of the city. Liverpool, a Mexican department store, and movie theaters are the main attractions at this modern shopping mall in Puerto Vallarta. You will also find exclusive clothing, shoe and specialty stores, along with a fully equipped fitness center, and a food court.

Plaza Neptuno

Plaza Neptuno Puerto VallartaPlaza Neptuno is a small plaza that mainly sells furniture and interior design items. You will also find a variety of silver items, Oaxacan pottery, wood carvings, lacquered chests, dance masks and pre-Hispanic pottery reproductions.

Plaza Peninsula

Plaza Peninsula VallartaAt this attractive open-air plaza you can find clothing stores, such as Lacoste and Squalo, beauty salons, a spa, a gym, interior design stores, banks, art galleries, restaurants and bars. This charming shopping center is one of the newest in the city and it is located next to the Pitillal River in the northern part of the Hotel Zone.

Galeria Sergio Bustamante

Sergio BustamanteSergio Bustamante is a renowned Mexican artist and sculptor who owns several galleries throughout the country, including in Puerto Vallarta. His colorful, original works of art are mainly sculptures, ranging from a few inches to several meters high, paper mache figures of peculiar human forms and animals, as well as jewelry and accessories.

The Seafront Promenade

The area around the seafront promenade is a somewhere that you should definitely visit during your stay in this port city. It is the most popular area in Puerto VaVallarta's Seafront Promenadellarta, not only for its attractiveness, but also for its many local vendors found selling original works of art. You'll be able to buy jewelry, sculptures, and lots of interesting knickknacks that will make great souvenirs.

Across the street from the seafront promenade you will find many stores and stands selling all kinds of Mexican handcrafts, colorful imitation jewelry, clothing by local designers, and much more.

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