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Attractions in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: What to do and where to go

Attractions in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta attractions and entertainment options are diverse and exciting. Take the time to admire all the fantastic sightseeing spots in Puerto Vallarta and the array of touristic areas. One thing is for sure there is always something special going on to keep everyone entertained and the geography surrounding Puerto Vallarta is simply extraordinary. The largest bay in North America is home to islands, islets, rocks and cliffs, not forgetting the beautiful beaches on the eastern tip, where the terrain rises abruptly to create the Sierra Madre Occidental, with its eternal emerald jungle.

A landscape so fascinating can only be the setting for incredible adventures. Underwater, on the surface, on the beach, in the mountains, in the jungle and in the city, Puerto Vallarta offers visitors all kinds of activities to explore and have fun, or kick-back and relax, it is your choice! These are just some of the main Puerto Vallarta attractions.

Water Sports

Attractions in Puerto VallartaBahia Banderas is a large bay and pure paradise for those who love water sports.

Many aquatic activities are also offered at the many hotels and resorts, including jet skis, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, yachting, kayaking, parasailing and banana rides.

South of Cuale River

Sur del r?­o CualeThe main downtown area is divided by the Cuale River which has an island at its mouth and is home for a modest museum, shops and various bars and restaurants. To the south lies the once down-market side of Vallarta, where nowadays chic restaurants are invading the streets. Modest hotels and restaurants make it a great choice for budget travelers and those looking for the real flavor of Mexico.

Las Caletas

Attractions in Puerto VallartaThis isolated spot on the southern shore of Bahia de Banderas is only reachable by boat because the coastline is really craggy and the jungle is thick. All this contributes to keeping the surroundings almost untouched. On the beach hand-woven hammocks swing lazily under shady palm trees and steps ahead there is a tropical world yet to be discovered.


Attractions in Puerto VallartaA very important part of Puerto Vallarta sightseeing is visiting the downtown. This is where all the action is, sandwiched between a steep hill and the sea. Red-tiled houses along the central streets are now smart galleries, clothing boutiques and craft shops, and the palm-lined seafront drive is full with the liveliest bars and discos. The much modernized main square, Plaza de Armas, is flanked by the curiously crowned Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe church and the modern Palacio Municipal, which also houses a helpful tourist office.

Marina Vallarta

Marina Vallarta

Past the old town centre the highway crosses the hotel zone and ends at Marina Vallarta. This self-contained commercial and residential area, which includes a golf course, lies just before the bold pink buildings of the airport. Yet Vallarta and Banderas Bay do not end here, more coastal developments are mushrooming in an area to the north named Nuevo Vallarta.

Sea Walk

Attractions in Puerto VallartaOne of the most traditional and beautiful aspects of Puerto Vallarta can be found along the sea walk. Anytime of day or night strolling along here is always fun, interesting and beautiful. The stunning ocean view will leave you breathless and the stores, bars and restaurants are sure to entice you in for a while. Furthermore, this is a great place to meet and get to know the friendly locals.

Whale Watching

Attractions in Puerto VallartaAfter swimming through icy cold waters searching for tropical warmth, humpback whales arrive to the shores of Puerto Vallarta to mate and give birth. For years these creatures have amazed mankind with their spectacular jumps and their melancholy songs.

Today whale watching expeditions get close enough so you can see mothers swimming with their babies or the revolutions, above and below the water, of a mating couple. With some luck a curious a baby will approach the boat and you will be able to touch them. In many ways we guarantee this will be an emotional experience and very exciting.

Rhythms of the Night

Attractions in Puerto VallartaAttractions in Puerto VallartaBy night Las Caletas becomes the mystic setting for age old rituals. After a romantic sunset cruise, you will then be taken to a beach where shimmering torches light your way to a spectacle of dance, song and mysticism; a truly enchanting evening awaits you.

Dolphin Adventure

Attractions in Puerto VallartaSwimming with dolphins is an unforgettable experience. In Puerto Vallarta there is a dolphinarium that offers educational programs that will give you the extraordinary opportunity of interacting with the incredible Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin.

The latest in dolphin interaction programs is to spend one day with the trainers, working and learning more about these astounding creatures, but this adventure is not reserved for swimmers only, fortunately there are programs that will allow you to caress and admire them from a shallow platform as well.

Sea Lion Adventure

Swimming with these playful mammals in interactive programs is a captivating experience and one of the newest activities in Puerto Vallarta. Sea Lions have a natural tendency to play and when around people they include you in their games. Come and have a wonderful time with these vivacious animals that will fill your vacation with happiness.

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