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Restaurants in Puerto Escondido, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Puerto EscondidoOaxaca features a variety in its cuisine, which differs greatly according to specific areas of the state. Corn is the prime ingredient however, meat and seafood are also important elements of the gastronomic makeup of Oaxaca. Oaxaca's cuisine features less conventional, but equally delicious ingredients, such as vegetables, crickets, iguanas, and even ants eggs (the caviar of Mexico).

Lugares para comer en Puerto EscondidoThe incredible talent and love put into the preparation of every single Oaxacan dish are the distinctive characteristics that make this state's cuisine, a delightful experience for the palate and the eye.

In Puerto Escondido you will find the most delicious dishes elaborated with the freshest seafood, which is in abundant supply in this beautiful fishing town. However, you will also find restaurants serving International, Mexican and Italian cuisine, among many others.

Whilst on vacation in Puerto Escondido, do not forget to stroll by "El Adoquin", a crowded alley, where you will find some of the best restaurants in the city, many bars and some of the most popular discos.

Los Crotos

Puerto Escondido RestaurantsThis is one of the best restaurants Puerto Escondido has to offer. It is located in the heart of "Adoquin" and offers a menu with exquisite seafood dishes, as well as the most representative dishes of National and International cuisine. The ambience is tranquil and casual. Los Crotos restaurant waits for you with open arms offering a taste sensation and impeccable service.



El Cafecito

Dining in Puerto EscondidoIf you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy a delightful breakfast, "El Cafecito" is the ideal place to do so. They have a great variety of dishes including exquisite breads and the aroma of the authentic Oaxacan coffee. El Cafecito offers a delightful culinary experience that will help you to wake up and start your day off on the right foot. During lunch time you'll find many dishes representative of Mexican cuisine. Do not forget to try the specialty of the house: Pollo Almendrado (Almond Chicken).


Junto al Mar

Puerto Escondido Restaurants"Junto al Mar" is known as one of the best there is in Puerto Escondido. It is highly recommended and offers delicious cuisine based on meats and seafood, the specialties being: Filete Relleno (Stuffed Fillet) and Arrachera. Come and enjoy a culinary experience like no other, in a restaurant with a cordial atmosphere. Junto al Mar is located along the "Adoquin".



La Galeria

Dining in Puerto EscondidoIf you have a craving for pasta, "La Galeria" is the right place to spend a romantic evening enjoying the best Italian food. Accompany your carefully prepared dish with your choice from the extensive wine list and enjoy the casual ambience of this restaurant. La Galeria is located on the "Adoquin".




Estrella del Mar

Dining in Puerto EscondidoThe heat and the beach atmosphere of Puerto Escondido are the perfect scenery for unleashing your cravings. A cold beer and an exquisite seafood dish are almost a must in this town. The perfect place to satisfy your thirst and pamper your palate is the restaurant "Estrella del Mar", where you can enjoy the best seafood accompanied by a drink of your choice in a fresh and casual atmosphere.



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