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Nightlife in Puerto Escondido, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Puerto Escondido Nightlife

Puerto Escondido is famous for being a tranquil place where you can enjoy a vacation far away from the daily grind of city life. Another reason that people are attracted to this beautiful resort is the high quality of the surf and the annual competitions that take place here. Even though it keeps the feel of a small fishing village in the morning, when the sun comes down, Puerto Escondido transforms itself and comes alive!

Puerto Escondido's nightlife is special, defined by an interesting mixture of cultures and nationalities. The beach or the promenade known as the "Adoquin" are the main hotspots to enjoy a drink at the many different bars and discos you'll find here, all of which have a relaxed, light hearted and fun atmosphere.

When you are spending your vacation in Puerto Escondido, you should not forget to take an early evening rest after exploring  the city or after having spent the day surfing at Playa Zicatela, because you are definitely going to need your energy to fully enjoy all the clubs, discos and bars that  Puerto Escondido has to offer.

Bar Fly

Puerto Escondido NightclubsThis club has 10 years of history and it has consolidated itself as one of the best nightclubs for a great evening out. The atmosphere of this awesome club is created by means of a fusion of nationalities with one purpose in common, enjoying the night. At the "Fly" you'll find a great mix of people, backpackers from all over the world, pro surfers and the hip and trendy, all of them attracted by their love for a party and the good music.

Tequila Sunrise

Puerto Escondido Nightlife

Without a doubt this is the crème de la crème of nightclubs in Puerto Escondido. "Tequila Sunrise" attracts people of all ages and features a great mix of music and a very lively atmosphere. "Tequila Sunrise" is located right by the beach. Come to the biggest club in Puerto Escondido and enjoy until the early hours of the morning.





In the wild atmosphere of the "Adoquin" you will find an incredible multi level disco that will keep you dancing to the "hits of the moment" until 4 in the morning. Come and enjoy you favorite drink while showing off your best dance steps, all set to the throbbing beat of the music. A must for the discerning clubber.

Los Tarros

If you want to enjoy an icy cold drink accompanied by the best music and a great atmosphere, "Los Tarros" is the place for you. Located along the boardwalk, this bar has a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere. Come and spend a fun wild night with your friends, Los Tarros is waiting for you.


This is one of the most popular nightclubs of the moment in Puerto Escondido. "Amnesia" features a lively atmosphere, an excellent selection of music, excellent service and a chic multicultural clientele. Come and dance until dawn to cutting edge music played by the coolest resident and guest D.Js.

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