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Attractions in Puerto Escondido, Mexico: What to do and where to go

Puerto Escondido attractionsPuerto Escondido features many beautiful beaches, from the tranquil and calm, perfect for scuba diving and swimming, to those that have attained world famous status in the professional surfing community thanks to the height and perfection of the waves.




Puerto Escondido SightseeingApart from its 280 miles of wonderful beaches lining the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Escondido offers beautiful lagoons and mangroves. These gorgeous areas have an abundance of wild flora and fauna as well as a diverse marine life. While exploring this environment, it's possible to encounter migratory birds, crocodiles, iguanas, turtles and armadillos among many other species. If you wish to relax, unwind and distance yourself from the noise and stress of the daily life this is without a doubt, the perfect tourist destination to spend your next vacation.

Thermal Springs of Atotonilco

Puerto Escondido attractions

If you wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this is an adventure you need to experience. Ride by horseback along the bank of the Manialtepec River, the jungle and mountains as your companion, you will reach the sulfur-water natural springs of Atotonilco, where you can bathe in its relaxing curative waters. After having enjoyed the properties of these thermal waters, follow the current of the river and take in all the natural beauty provided by this paradise on earth.


Surfing at Playa Zicatela

Puerto Escondido SightseeingThe name of this gorgeous beach means "place of the big thorns" in the native language. Playa Zicatela's has 2 miles of golden sandy beach and waves that reach heights of up to 20 feet. Due to these characteristics, Playa Zicatela has become the number 1 surf spot nationally and recognized as third at an international level. Every year in the month of November, hundreds of professional surfers from around the globe gather to take part in the world surfing championships at this truly stunning venue.

Do not miss the chance to come to one of the most beautiful attractions in Puerto Escondido, come to Playa Zicatela and enjoy the enormous waves and the gorgeous landscape, all provided free of charge by Mother Nature.


Puerto Escondido attractions

Close to the "big wave" beaches, there are also beautiful beaches with tranquil, calm waters where you can find a large variety of colorful fish, mother-of-pearls, lobsters and manta rays, thus creating a quaint scenario that is perfect for diving and enjoying the gorgeous coral reef, like a whole new world beneath the surface.

Apart from these beaches, you will find others where you can rent a boat and take a lazy ride in the bay with your friends or family. If you are lucky enough you will get to see dolphins or marine turtles. Facilities are also available for practically every water sport under the sun.

Playa Embarcadero

Puerto Escondido Sightseeing

Come to this tranquil beach and take a fun boat ride, or lay on the golden sand and bask in the sun to get that perfect tan. Bring your whole family with you and enjoy the calm waters and this gorgeous beach.





Playa Principal

Playa Principal has calm waves and turquoise-colored water, all the necessary elements to fish, swim or scuba dive. Bring your family and friends with you and enjoy the beautiful landscape and the enchanting colors that paint the sky in the early evening as the sun starts to set. Playa Principal is a beach you must visit while you are staying in Puerto Escondido.

Chacahua Lagoons

Puerto Escondido Sightseeing

Picture a ride by islets surrounded by dense mangroves spreading 20 miles wide. Chacahua comprises of three lagoons: La Pastoria, Chacahua and Salinas. While traveling in this area you will find two exotic beaches where lagoons and sea collide; this is one of the few natural sanctuaries for birds in Mexico.




Manialtepec Lagoons

An enchanting place surrounded by mangroves; the natural habitat for aquatic birds and iguanas. In Manialtepec, the lagoon, river and sea collide; an interesting characteristic that allows the visitor to chose to swim either in salt or fresh water. Whether you'd rather admire a gorgeous sunset, or rent a kayak, enabling you to explore the entire lagoon, Manialtepec features everything you need to have fun and spend unforgettable day.

The Mexican Turtle Sanctuary

This is an ideal location to feel at one with nature. The Mexican Turtle Sanctuary is a fascinating place, where specialists dedicated to the behavioral study of marine turtles work hard to gather information about this fabulous species. At the turtle farm you will find many different species of marine turtles. This is without a doubt an interesting spot to visit with your family to learn about these fabulous inhabitants of the sea.


Puerto Escondido attractionsPuerto Escondido's community has always been concerned with the environment, resulting in several ecological-rescue programs, among which there are the mangrove reforesting program and the crocodile repopulation program. Ventanilla has a sanctuary that allows the visitor to observe these interesting amphibious reptiles in their natural habitat. Here you can also observe beautiful marine birds.



Sports Fishing

10 miles out into the open sea, you will find an amazing variety of marine species such as sail fish, tuna fish, red snapper, and marlin. Thanks to the abundance of fish in these waters, this fascinating tourist destination becomes a venue for international sport fishing competitions each year, in February and November.

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