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Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is a natural paradise nestled next to the Pacific Ocean, on the southern coast of Oaxaca. The town has been a tourist destination for a long time; in fact it's the oldest of the region. Although it features a complete service infrastructure it has not, however, succumb to the fate of other large tourist resorts and still to this day maintains an innocence and beauty rarely found in developed locations. You'll understand when you see for yourself the beauty of the emerald sea, the pristine, unspoilt beaches, all balanced in perfect harmony, with the exotic vegetation and the rich flora and fauna. Puerto Escondido's inhabitants have very strong ties with the environment and they have persevered to preserve their town as an ecological reserve.


Puerto Escondido VacationsIn decades past, Puerto Escondido was an important Port town, primarily used for the shipment of coffee brought in from the surrounding areas. It has grown considerably in recent years and now has a population of 36,000, transcending from what was basically a fishing village, into an internationally renowned resort and a Mecca for professional surfers from around the globe.

The amazing beauty of Puerto Escondido is encapsulated in its "small town feel" which remains regardless of the population growth, or the increasing affluence of the tourists. The customs and festivals celebrated in the surrounding areas, as well as the legends and beliefs, that have been past on for generations, are all living proof, helping make Puerto Escondido a truly special vacation.

Puerto Escondido offers the visitor a whole host of activities from charming places to relax and recuperate to adventure, excitement and incredible nightlife. This beautiful city will undoubtedly take you on a sensational journey that transcends from relaxation at the thermal springs, to the lively night life, not forgetting the folklore and culture. Its pre-Hispanic history and unbelievable landscapes gently frame the natural ambience of a city that is in touch with its history and ecological surroundings, trimmed with all the comforts of modern life.


Puerto Escondido

The name of this gorgeous town has a very interesting background. Legend says that the fierce pirate Andrew Drake, brother of the infamous captain "Francis Drake", kidnapped a beautiful young native girl and kept her captive on his ship. After a few weeks at sea, the pirates decided to anchor for a few days in a small deserted bay to rest and restock. It was then that the young native girl got to escape from her captors, jumping overboard without hesitation. It is believed that the girl managed to swim to the beach, and then flee into the jungle to hide from her pursuers.

Puerto EscondidoWith the passing of time, she became know to the pirates as "La Escondida" (the hidden girl), and it is believed that every time Drake went back to that tranquil bay, he ordered his men to look for her. No matter how much he tried, he never found his hidden girl again. As the years rolled by, people started to call the place "Bahia de La Escondida" (Bay of the hidden girl). With the slow passing of time, the name of the coastal town morphed into its current name, Puerto Escondido, which in English means: Hidden Port.

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