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Attractions in Rocky Point, Mexico: What to Do and Where to Go

Attractions in Rocky Point

There are a lot of attractions and sightseeing opportunities in Rocky Point and its surroundings. The city features two golf courses, one of them facing the Sea of Cortez and boasting awe-inspiring ocean views. Around the Rocky Point area, visit natural reserves, go hunting, mountain climbing, sandboarding, or rent an ATV to drive around the sandy streets or the dunes on the beaches.

Thanks to its more than 60 miles of coasts, Rocky Point offers an assortment of water sports, from kayaking and sailing to scuba diving and sport fishing. There is a varied list of sights and activities that you can enjoy while staying at Rocky Point.

The Seawalk

Attractions in Rocky PointThis is an extraordinary place for enjoying the sensational sunsets of Rocky Point. The Luis Donaldo Colosio Plaza and the representative sculpture of 'El Camaronero' (The Shrimp Man) are located. The Seawalk is surrounded by restaurants, bars and handicraft shops of the region, a great place to spend the day.

Aquarium CETMAR (Center for Technical Studies of the Ocean)

Attractions in Rocky PointA center of marine studies with access to the general public where you can learn about the many different species that live in the ocean around this area, such as manta rays, turtles, octopus, numerous varieties of fish and other marine life.

Rocky Point Beaches

Attractions in Rocky PointThe amazing Sea of Cortez embellishes Rocky Point with its golden beaches, among them "Sandy Beach," which has a tranquil swell and features many modern tourist buildings. Or try the more frequented Playa Hermosa, perfect for aquatic sports. There are also hotels and trailer parks available. In Playa Mirador you can swim in the clear Pacific watersLas Conchas Beach is an exclusive residential zone, where the main attraction is the clarity of the water and the fine sand.

Attractions in Rocky PointRocky Point Beaches are the perfect setting to indulge in water sports such as fishing, sailing, diving and snorkeling. It is full of emotion and adventure for those who visit it.

Intercultural Center of Desert and Ocean Studies (CEDO)

Attractions in Rocky PointThis didactic center, located in the Las Conchas community, displays a great collection of marine mammal and bird bones, the highlight being an enormous whale skeleton. Venturing into the impeccably maintained gardens, there is an extensive variety of plant species from the desert region. There is also a gift shop where you can acquire a variety of knick knacks and souvenirs of your visit to the CEDO. It's a great option for the whole family!

CEDO offers the best way to explore Rocky Point natural attractions and surrounding areas. There are excursions to the desert, to oyster farms, to islands and estuaries, as well as to the volcanic region of Pinacate.

The Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and The Great Altar Desert

Attractions in Rocky PointThis protected area spans 714,557 hectares of exotic natural beauty. Approximately three quarters of the reserve is covered by moving sand dunes and the rest is composed of volcanic rock from the El Pinacate, El Elegante, El Cerro Colorado and McDougal craters. Due to the similarity of this area with the moon's surface, it has been used in the past as training ground by NASA.

Attractions in Rocky PointThe Pinacate and the Great Altar Desert are also great places for mountain biking, camping and hunting. From November to March, hunt species like bighorn sheep and mule deer. Depending on the season, aquatic bird species, doves and quails can also be hunted. As a recommendation, take enough water and sunblock with you when visiting El Pinacate.

San Jorge Bay and Island

Attractions in Rocky PointLocated between Caborca and Rocky Point, with an area of 130 km2, you will find San Jorge Bay and Island, a nature reserve. It is home to a number of charming birds species, where you can also observe the sea lions, one of the largest populations nationwide. Thanks to its warm waters and great visibility, especially at low tide, it is great for diving, snorkeling and sport fishing. You might even get to see dolphins and, hopefully, even a specimen of the Vaquita porpoise, the world's most-endangered marine mammal.

Sport Fishing

Attractions in Rocky PointRocky Point's generous waters offer the sport fishing enthusiast a variety of coveted species. For example, Las Conchas Beach and the beaches of the La Choya area offer plenty of fish like flounder, dogfish and croaker. Near San Jorge Island, you can find species like dorado (mahi-mahi), flounder, sea bass, swordfish and marlin, as well as a famous species called "pescada", a giant sea bass that can weight up to 450 kilograms.

Thanks to the marine richness of the Sea of Cortez, you can also find grouper, red snapper and mackerel. There are also many fishing tournaments at Rocky Point so come and participate!

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