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Restaurants in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

The water, sky and earth merge together in Puerto Iguazu. In addition to the amazing waterfalls and natural locations, the city's cuisine is another attraction that cannot be missed. Puerto Iguazu is filled with a variety of culinary experiences to fill your stomach and complete an already perfect vacation.

Puerto Iguazu's convenient location on the Tri Border makes it an ideal spot for trying new foods. The thousands of tourists coming in each day, in addition to the cultural influences of the bordering countries, make Puerto Iguazu's competitive restaurant scene even more diverse and exciting.


Golden fish in Puerto Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu's cuisine is clearly affected by the flavors from the neighboring country of Paraguay. This influence can be seen through the traditional ingredients along with the use of Paraguay's influential flavors and textures, always emphasizing the aroma. Puerto Iguazu's coastline offers a great variety of seafood. Some fish, such as "dorado", "bagre", "surubi" and "pacu", are some of the native species that you can find in many restaurants throughout the city.

Meat and Barbeque

Meat and Barbeque in Puerto Iguazu

Argentina's famous "asado" (barbeque) has always been a highly popular option for visitors to this country. Due to Puerto Iguazu's location right by the Brazilian border, some of the most searched-after products are Brazil's most traditional favorites: veal and beef, along with a variety of other types of meat.

Just ask the locals, and they're sure to recommend some great meat cuts for you to try. Some of the best are "churrasco", "bife de chorizo", "vacio", "lomo", "costillar" and "tira de asado", all of which are uniquely Argentinean meat cuts. Many of Puerto Iguazu's restaurants offer meat as their main specialty.


Aqva, Puerto Iguazu

Aqva is one of Puerto Iguazu's best restaurants, serving a variety of traditional dishes made with local ingredients and products. The main specialties are the cuts of meat, along with various seafood and pasta dishes. Make sure to choose something from the wine menu to accompany your meal. Popular dishes include the "Dorada a la Vizcaina" and the "Ravioli de Surubi", two specialties that you're sure to enjoy.

El Quincho del Tio Querido

El Quincho del Tio Querido, Puerto Iguazu

This restaurant has been preparing quality Argentinean meats for more than twenty years and is a favorite among international visitors due to its high standards. The service is remarkable, and the cozy atmosphere is accompanied by nice music and a delicious array of specialties. Ask for local river fish, such as the "dorado" or the "surubi", two delicious options.

Fortin Cataratas

Fortin Cataratas, Puerto Iguazu

This great restaurant uses fresh, high-quality ingredients to prepare the best local specialties. Tasty cuts of meat are complemented by an immense regional buffet. The restaurant is situated near the waterfalls, inside the "Parque Nacional Iguazu" (Iguazu National Park). Come to this restaurant and enjoy traditional local cuisine.

Il Fratello

Il Fratello, Puerto Iguazu

This Italian restaurant serves a variety of traditional specialties, including pasta, risotto, pizza, calzone, salads, meats and seafood. Each dish is carefully prepared, always preserving that Mediterranean touch. The restaurant's atmosphere is elegant and welcoming.

La Rueda

La Rueda, Puerto Iguazu

La Rueda has more than three decades of experience in culinary tradition and excellent service. The unique decoration displays some beautiful sculptures along with a stunning mural depicting local Guarani mythology. The best options here are the seafood, pastas and meats. If you're in search of local cuisine, this is the place to go.

A Piacere

A Piacere, Puerto Iguazu

A Piacere does justice to its own name: it is a pleasure. Here, you will find delicious traditional Argentinean cuisine, focusing especially on meats and pastas. The "bife de chorizo" is a favorite at this restaurant; its soft, juicy texture is sure to melt in your mouth.

El Jardin

El Jardin, Puerto Iguazu

El Jardin has proven itself one of the best restaurants in Puerto Iguazu. Located inside the Iguazu Grand Hotel, this a la carte restaurant serves remarkable international cuisine. The eclectic specialties and excellent service are sure to bring you back for more. Chef Leonardo Najle is widely recognized throughout the region, using his own home-grown herbs, condiments and vegetables to ensure freshness in every meal.

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