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Attractions in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina: What to do and where to go

Attractions in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

In Puerto Iguazu, you can find a number of attractions and things to do during your vacations. If the main point of interest is the National Park of Iguazu and its Falls, there are also other activities that you can do here in this Argentinean paradise. The natural beauty of the landscape will take your breath away.


Ecotourism in Puerto Iguazu

In Puerto Iguazu, ecotourism is one of the most popular attractions. There are many elements that contribute to the vast and rich offerings of this city. Apart from the waterfalls and the National Park of Iguazu, there are a great number of tours and outdoor activities that won't disappoint. The flora and fauna of the region are very important to the ecosystem. The landscapes are impressive and the colors are incredibly vivid, making it a true heaven on earth.

Iguazu National Park

Iguazu National Park

With 148,000 acres of land, the Iguazu National Park is an impressive nature reserve that was created to protect these beautiful falls of the same name. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984 by the UNESCO, thanks to its natural diversity and beautiful landscapes. The importance of conserving this area is heightened by the fact that there are many species that can be found here that are in danger of extinction. Some of these species have been saved thanks to this protection.

The Iguazu River, with over 820 miles in length, has expanded about a mile in width, bending towards the south and forming a large "U". In this curve, you can find underwater reefs and ravines that are the origin of falls. Within the park, you can find the Visitor's Center and the museum that explains the natural richness of the area. There are also a number of visitor services available.

Iguazu National Park

Don't forget, the park is immense so choose carefully which the tour you'll want to go on. Do the tour on the Circuito Superior and the Circuito Inferior, both giving you sublime views of the falls. You can also take the alternate route along Sendero Verde (the Green Path) where you can admire the different species of plants and animals. One day will definitely not be enough to see everything so take at least two days out to visit the park and see all its attractions.

The Iguazu Falls

The Iguazu Falls

The main attraction in Puerto Iguazu is the Falls, which is visited by thousands of tourists daily. Located between Argentina and Brazil, it looks like a horseshoe and it's made up of over 270 falls in a two-mile stretch.

The most famous fall is known as Garganta del Diablo (the Devil's Throat) on the Argentinean side, with a 295 foot drop. The majority of the falls can be found in Argentina. There are also a series of moonlight walks and tours that you shouldn't miss out on. It is an absolute marvel to see the jungle at night and admire the falls with the stars overhead.

The Macuco Trail

The Macuco Trail

The macuco is a bird, the largest partridge in South America, which gets to be about a foot and half tall. Its song is characterized as being a strong and harmonious whistle. The Macuco Trail is one of those trails that will be forever etched into memory. Its about 4.5 miles long and along which you can admire the jungle, close up. It is important, however, to keep your distance especially if you are traveling with children or senior citizens. Sounds, smells and the mysteries of the jungle are waiting to be discovered.

Guira Oga: The House of Birds

Guira Oga: The House of Birds

The Guira Oga is really a rehabilitation center and hospital for wild animals of the forest that are found around the Iguazu National Park and in the region. The center rescues and takes care of birds and other animals that were in danger from illegal traffickers or have suffered an accident. They are cured, rehabilitated and afterwards, if possible, returned to their natural habitat. It is located on the main road on the way to the Iguazu National Park. There are guided visits and each animal has its own peculiar story.

Ecological Train

Ecological Train

This is the main form of getting around the park. The trip is about six miles around and it has three stops at the most important attractions of the park. The train is powered by gas, creating a significantly smaller environmental impact. Old train tracks were reused to avoid cutting down more trees to make way for new tracks. At about 12 mph, you can easily admire all the colors, sounds and aromas of the jungle, truly at your leisure.

Aborigine Villages

Aborigine Villages in Puerto Iguazu

If you like diverse cultural manifestations and wish to combine that with trips through the jungle, this is an option you should not pass up. The Mborore and Yraipu communities can show you the traces and history of aboriginal culture. You can also acquire handicrafts made by the same communities.

Hito de las Tres Fronteras

Triple Frontier

This is a stop you have to make when you come and visit Puerto Iguazu. Also known as the Triple Frontier in English, this is where the Iguazu River converges with the Parana River and where the borders of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil meet. On either side of the river, you can find an obelisk with the colors of the flag of the country, marking that country's territory.

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