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Attractions in Puebla, Mexico: What to do and where to go

Puebla Attractions

Puebla is undoubtedly, a city where you can spend a fascinating vacation. Whether you want to get in touch with nature, history and culture or enjoy maximum relaxation, in Puebla you will always find the perfect activity to suit your mood.

Puebla features beautiful rivers, lagoons, waterfalls, caverns, volcanoes and mountains. among its many natural wonders. In the surrounding areas of the city you can find a great variety of archeological sites, where you will be able to learn about ancient civilizations that once inhabited these lands. Cantona, The Cholula Pyramid, Tepapayeca, Xiutetelco and Yohualichan, are a few good examples of these sites.

Imagina MuseumPuebla features beautiful buildings with impressive examples of Baroque architecture. Decorated with gorgeous ornaments, they make the Historic Center a colorful place worth visiting. Puebla features countless museums, convents, churches and sanctuaries among its many attractions. The most popular museums are the Amparo Museum, IMAGINA Interactive Museum, the Religious Art Museum, the Vice royal Art Museum and the Bello Museum; all great for Puebla sightseeing.

Amparo Museum

Amparo MuseumThe Amparo Museum was established in 1991 and the exhibition rooms look very modern with their spacious showcases, large monitors and touch screen interactive exhibits. There are also headphones with Spanish, English, French, German and Japanese translations explaining everything you need to know. It also features state of the art technology as well as one of the most important collections of masterpieces in Mexico, making this one of the best museums in Latin America. Great architectural design and magnificent organization blend to make a fantastic museum.

The Main Square

Main SquareThe Main Square is surrounded by beautiful gardens, huge trees and gorgeous Colonial buildings. In times gone by this area served as the setting for splendid regional festivities that gave life and color to the city. The large doors and beautiful streets were the perfect areas for theatrical plays, parties, religious celebrations and bullfights. These days, the Main Square or "Zocalo" is frequented by people wishing to discover the cultural traditions of the area or who want to relax in the public gardens.


CholulaCholula's Pyramid is one of Puebla's main attractions. This magnificent place was built to honor the god of the rain Chiconahui Quiahuitl. One of the biggest monuments in the world with a height of 210 ft and a base spanning1476 ft, this pyramid is twice as tall as Keops in Egypt.

Cholula Tunnels

During the excavation of this beautiful archeological site they found 5 miles of tunnels, the Mural de las Mariposas and the Mural de los Bebedores which features more than a hundred anthropomorphic figures that represent a ceremony to the god of Pulque called Octli. On the site a total of seven pyramids were built one on top of the other over a period of six centuries, until the pyramid had its current dimensions.

Popocatepetl-Iztaccihuatl National Park

IztacihuatlIf you enjoy getting in touch with nature, then don't miss visiting this impressive place for an adventurous day out and a boost of adrenaline. You can hike up the 17,887 ft to the highest peak of Popocatepetl or climb Iztaccihuatl which is 17,322 ft high.

PopocatepetlTake a journey deep into the forest and discover the wild flora and fauna of one of the largest national parks in Mexico. Whitetail deer, wild hens, hawks and crows are just some of the many species you will find when exploring the Sierra Nevada. This marvelous park is located on the slopes of this mountainous area, where you will be able to breathe fresh air and experience a winter frost all year round.

Africam Safari

Africam SafariIn this wonderful zoo, you will have the opportunity to admire a huge variety of wild animal species housed in areas that recreate their natural environments. Africam Safari was established in 1972 by Captain Carlos Camacho originally as a private collection, however nowadays it is open to the public and houses more than 300 animals of around 250 different species and allows visitors to interact with them.

Main Theater

Main TheaterOpened in 1706 in an important commercial area of the city, the Main Theater is a beautiful construction with a capacity for up to 1600 people. During the battle of independence it was used as an artillery warehouse, after which it was used as a bullring, which seriously damaged it. In 1820 it received the current name and was rebuilt, but in 1902 it caught fire after a performance, resulting in the loss of most of the colonial structure. Years later, it was rebuilt and has remained the same up to the present day.

At present, the surrounding area of the Main Theatre is a pedestrian walkway called the Artist District. Here, artists and sculptors gather to exhibit and display their masterpieces. It is a place you must visit on your Puebla sightseeing trip!

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