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Shopping in Porto Seguro, Brazil: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Porto Seguro, Brazil

Up until just a few years ago, the most popular item for sale in Porto Seguro was the classic t-shirt that said, "I Love Porto Seguro" in English and in Portuguese. Now with tourism coming up to the coast of Bahia, there is a large variety of shops that sell brand name clothes, handmade accessories, handicrafts and much more.

For those who love shopping or even those who wish to take home a memento, Porto Seguro won't let you down. You'll surely find the perfect something for your friends and family. We particularly recommend buying a bottle of cachaca in one of the many "cachacarias" that can be found in the city.

On the Beach and In the Street  

Shopping in Porto Seguro, Brazil

You don't have to look for stores; they'll look for you! Vendors wander these beautiful beaches, offering their wares to the visitors of Porto Seguro. Necklaces, earrings, bags, hats and even drinks will surely be offered to you. Try bargaining and see if you can manage to get a better deal, making for a very memorable vacation memory and a nice souvenir.

Passarela do Alcool

Shopping in Porto Seguro, Brazil

This is probably the most important place to shop. The majority of the stores on this busy street stay open well into the night, where many decide to go shopping before going out for a drink. In Passarela Do Alcool, you can find knit purses, women's wear, beach accessories, key rings, hats and many other items.

Shopping in Porto Seguro, Brazil

Go shopping before midday or at night. Stores close for a long lunch so get your shopping in the appropriate times. Take advantage of this break in your shopping spree to refuel, take a load off your feet and recharge for an exciting night of shopping and fun. In Passarela do Alcool, you can also find banks and ATMs, which is important because these shops do not accept credit cards.

Shopping Center

Shopping in Porto Seguro, Brazil

The shopping centers in Porto Seguro are smaller in comparison with those in bigger cities but they still maintain quality in their products, satisfying the demands of visitors who come on vacation to this tourist destination, all year round. You'll find brand name clothing shops, perfumes, watches, jewelry and some restaurants.

Shopping in Porto Seguro, Brazil

There are six important shopping malls in Porto Seguro, found in the northern part of the city (Mini Shopping Milmar and Mini Shopping Navegantes), the central part on the main strip (Shopping Avenida, Shopping Oceania and Shopping Rio Mar Center) and finally, to the far south (Shopping Centro da Tierra).


Shopping in Porto Seguro, Brazil

In terms of handicrafts, there is nothing better than to go directly to the maker. Some miles away, to the north of the city, you can find a Pataxo Indian Reservation, where you can find a large number of handicrafts in the shops. There are bows, arrows, musical instruments, straw hats, reed and feather items or carved wood figurines are perfect souvenirs to take home. You can also find handicraft shops in the museums at the entrance of the Historic Center of Porto Seguro.

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