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Restaurants in Porto Seguro, Brasil: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

With over 500 years of history, the gastronomy of Porto Seguro is the result of mixing indigenous cuisine with recipes brought from Portugal, creating some of the best dishes in the state of Bahia. Moqueca (fish stew), vatapa (bread, ginger, shrimp and coconut milk), acaraje (shrimp in a fried dough), feijoada (bean stew) and sarapatel (stew made with meat, rice or flour) are some of the most popular dishes that make up the gastronomic culture of this region.

Porto Seguro has a fantastic selection of restaurants, offering a variety of flavors and styles to suit all tastes. There are lots of pizzerias, bars, and ice cream parlors along with several dozen other international restaurants that offer such options as steaks, seafood, burgers, crepes, pasta and sushi.

Beverages from Bahia

Caipirinha, Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

While visiting Porto Seguro, you must to try the national drink of Brazil, the caipirinha. This delicious drink is made from cachaca (sugarcane liquor), lemons, ice and sugar. It is served in almost all the bars and restaurants in the area and it is extremely popular with locals and visitors alike.

Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

There are several versions of the caipirinha, such as "caipiroska" made with vodka instead of cachaca. You can also try the delicious "caipifrutas", made with the fruit juice of your choice. Furthermore, Porto Seguro has its own drink called "capeta", which is prepared with condensed milk, ice, cinnamon, guarana powder and vodka.

Colher de Pau

Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

This is an excellent restaurant that comes highly recommended by the locals. It is located near the Passarela do Alcool and offers typical food from Bahia. You can try delicious moqueca, caquinha de siri (crab meat), bobo (mashed yucca with shrimps) and, of course, refreshing caipirinhas. Get ready for a fantastic dining experience.

Tia Nenzinha

Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

There is no doubt that the restaurant Tia Nenzinha is one of the best places to sample authentic regional home-style cooking. The house specialty is the moqueca fish stew with shrimp, which also comes with salad, rice and pirao (fish sauce). You'll definitely want to return again after eating here!


Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

Situated on the famous Passarela do Alcool of Porto Seguro, Area Restaurant serves delicious high quality Italian pasta, as well as Picanha (the best Brazilian cut of beef), and several seafood specialties from the grill. It has tables both inside and outside, so you can dine while watching the comings and goings of the avenue or have a more intimate dining experience inside.

Sambuca Pizzaria

Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

Sambuca Pizzaria is located away from the hustle and bustle of the main street, in a quiet area for those who want to relax for a while before returning to the parties on the beach. Their pizzas and service are both excellent.

Canto Italiano

Itialian food, Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

This successful restaurant is run by an Italian family. They also have a seafront cafe of the same name on the Passarela do Alcool. Here, they serve mouthwateringly good traditional Italian dishes. The cafe also offers delicious cappuccinos, desserts, smoothies and other specialties.


Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

Don't be misled by the name of this restaurant. Tanaka is the name of the owner, but the restaurant serves a range of typical dishes from Bahia.  On the menu you'll find beef, pork, seafood and more. This restaurant is easy to recognize because it is located in one of the only two-story buildings on Avenida Augusto Borges.

Recanto do Sossego

Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

Recanto do Sossego, located at Praia Muti on Avenida Beira Mar is a must for those who want to dine beside the ocean. The restaurant serves a variety of seafood to be accompanied with a good selection of cocktails and wines. It also has an outside area and service to the beach, so you can continue working on your tan while enjoying something delicious to eat.

Esquina do Mondo

Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

Serving an extensive menu of meat, shrimp and fish dishes, Esquina do Mondo is a restaurant that attracts people who love gourmet cuisine. The favorites are the bobo shrimps, whole fried fish, frutti di mare pasta, filet mignon and picanha. The restaurant is at the corner of Rua Augusto Borges and Passarela do Alcool.

Barraca Gaucho

Steakhouse, Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

Open for over 20 years, this steakhouse has become incredibly popular with tourists who love good steaks. They have a salad bar, soups, moquecas, churrasco per kilo and rodizio per person. Go wild and eat as much as you like. It has two spacious dining areas located under a huge thatched roof.

Bistro da Halo

Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

Bistro da Helo is a small restaurant that is considered one of the best gourmet bistros in town. One dish that you should definitely try is the balsamic shellfish accompanied with a basil risotto. If you want to try something more traditional from the region, the restaurant also offers dishes such as Brazilian salt cod.

Mama's Grill

Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

This outdoor restaurant has a canopy to protect clients from the sunshine. Mama's Grill is a great place to go for a romantic dinner or a family celebration. It is located in an alleyway that leads to the Passarela do Alcool. Some of the dishes served here are picanha, grilled filet mignon, fried fish, shrimp, and salmon in a passion fruit sauce. This restaurant really does come highly recommended.

Pizzaria Formula II

Restaurants in Porto Seguro Brazil

Enjoy the delicious pizza served at this restaurant. The dining area at Pizzaria Formula II is outdoors, surrounded by trees, and very well lit. You can choose from lots of different types of pizza that are all cooked in a traditional wood-fired pizza oven. They also have live music and plenty of cold beers!

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