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Nightlife in Porto Seguro, Brazil: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Porto Seguro, Brazil

The vibrant nightlife in Porto Seguro is unlike any other. Whether you're looking for a comfortable bar, a wild nightclub or a beach party, you're sure to find it in this amazing beach city. The warm nights and relaxing sea breeze brought over the first group of young tourists in the 1970s. They saw Porto Seguro as a paradise where they could have bohemian parties lasting until the sun came up. Since then, thousands of people have visited this tourist destination to experience a vacation overflowing with excitement and music. Apart from Porto Seguro's nightlife, you can also visit nearby towns such as Arraial d'Ajuda and Troncoso, which offer a variety of unique bars, nightclubs and beachside parties. The fun in Porto Seguro never stops!

Passarela do Alcool

Nightlife in Porto Seguro, Brazil

The city begins its transformation once the sun crosses the sky and sets behind the horizon. Most of the nightlife centers around Porto Seguro's main avenue, better known as "Passarela do Alcool" (Alcohol Runway). This stretch of road is made up of row upon row of old houses converted into bars, restaurants and nightclubs, where locals and tourists love to let their hair down. Here, you'll hear all sorts of Brazilian music mixed in with music from other countries, from local rhythms such as axe, forro and samba, to pop and heavy metal. Tourists especially love traditional drinks from Brazil and Porto Seguro, like caipirinhas, capetas, caipifrutas and more. You can choose between dozens of bars where you can spend a fun-filled night.

Chopp 13

Nightlife in Porto Seguro, Brazil

The famous "barracas" of Porto Seguro are outdoor stages set up along the beach, used for concerts and performances. At night, the barracas fill up with partygoers while numerous bands and event groups use the platforms for performing small concerts.

Nightlife in Porto Seguro, Brazil

After a dinner on Passarela do Alcool, you can take a walk to the southern part of the city and cross the river by ferry until you reach Ilha dos Aquarios, a private island with an amazing nightclub that, as its name indicates, has a fascinating aquarium theme.

Nightlife in Porto Seguro, Brazil

On the northern beaches of Porto Seguro, you'll find some of the largest beachside nightclubs, like Toa-Toa, Barramares and Axe Moi. These places fill up with people dancing and partying all night!

Nightlife in Porto Seguro, Brazil

There are also some popular theme nightclubs called Transilvania and Alcatraz. Alcatraz has various "prison cells" where you can dance to different types of music like techno, pop-rock, forro and more. Most of the barracas on the beach also give shows and concerts during the day, so no matter what time you wake up, the party will be waiting for you.

Arraial D'Ajuda

Nightlife in Porto Seguro, Brazil

Don't be fooled by the size of this small town just south of Porto Seguro. Arraial has an enormous amount of bars, nightclubs and restaurants, not to mention the barracas and beach parties. The most famous barraca in this town is Parracho, which offers lounge music in the mornings, and at night it features shows and large beach parties. The street with the most bars and nightclubs is Mucuge, where you're sure to find something for everyone.


Nightlife in Porto Seguro, Brazil

You can't talk about nightlife in Porto Seguro without mentioning the town of Trancoso. Situated about nine miles south of Porto Seguro, this town draws in many visitors. Trancoso is right by Praia dos Nativos (Native Beach), where you're always sure to find a moonlight beach party. One of the town's most popular spots is Para-Raio, a nightclub-bar that often features famous Brazilian musicians and talented DJs.

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