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Attractions in Porto Seguro, Brazil: What to do and where to go

Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

Porto Seguro is a place where the fun never ends! All year around, you'll find activities that'll provide for great fun and excitement on your vacation. The city by itself is an attraction, being as that it was named a World Heritage Site and is considered one of the richest places in the world, in terms of plant species per hectare. To protect its aesthetic nature, construction of tall buildings was prohibited, creating the sensation of a typical coastal town.

In the majority of the dozens of beaches of Porto Seguro, you can find local people organizing dance arenas on the sand. Dancing to the rhythms of Lambada, Forro or Axe, dancers invite everyone to join in these extraordinary dances. The choreography is brilliant and attracts dozens of onlookers. Whether you are in Porto Seguro for its cultural legacy, its celebrations or its beautiful natural resources, you're sure to have a wonderful time.

Carnaval in Porto Seguro

Carnaval, Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

Porto Seguro is considered one of the top ten cities to celebrate Carnaval, hands down. The beaches and the main avenues are filled with people who look for a night filled with music, color and movement. Musical bands play and get the party in full swing. Large trailers called "trios electricos" (electric trios) are the stage for these bands, drawing hundreds of people for the sensational music. These electric trios go up and down the main streets of Porto Seguro to take the fun to every corner of the city. Prepare yourself for exciting, fun-filled nights.

Praia Taperapua

Beach, Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

Your vacations could not be complete without enjoying the beaches of Porto Seguro. Of the dozens of beaches that exist in the zone, Praia Taperapua is one of the most popular among visitors. It is a little over four miles from the downtown area and has many food kiosks/restaurants, dance floors, beach chairs, showers and much more. You'll find beach activities, like banana and kayak rides, which definitely have to be a part of the program.

Praia Itacimirin

Beach, Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

The water of this beach is calm and very warm so take a dip and enjoy the low-lapping waves. The white sand extends some 950 meters along the coastline, where you'll find naturally-formed pools that appear in low tide.

Praia Mundai

Beach, Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

Praia Mundai forms a part of a beautiful inlet in the northern part of Porto Seguro. The calm, lukewarm water is ideal for a relaxing day. There are large "barracas" (booths or kiosks) where you can find restaurants, bars or nightclubs. Discover fun times, day or night.

Praia Barramares

Beach, Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

Praia Barramares is also known as Praia do Rio dos Mangues and is one of the beaches with the most modern tourist infrastructure in Porto Seguro. Its name "Mangues" means "mangroves", because of the lush vegetation that surrounds the area. The beach is located five miles from Porto Seguro and offers lukewarm, shallow waters, ideal for swimming, especially during the low tide. On the beach, there are beach volleyball, soccer and other sort of games.

Praia dos Nativos

Beach, Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

This beach is located at the mouth of Rio Trancoso, some nine miles to the south of Porto Seguro. It is a very frequented beach with hostels, hotels and tents. The restaurants here offer typical food from Bahia and even very sophisticated international cuisine. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the beach and the waves of Praia dos Nativos.

Reserva da Jaqueira

Native Reserve, Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

This reserve is made up of 2,043 acres of tropical jungle where the Pataxo Indians live. It is necessary to program a visit ahead of time with the Associacao Pataxo de Ecoturismo. The Pataxo explain their customs and traditions to the visitor. You can also practice with a bow and arrow, explore the forest, form a part of the traditional dances and enjoy typical Pataxo food. No forget to bring insect repellent.

Paradise Water Park

Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

This fabulous water park is located about three miles south of Porto Seguro, in an area called Arraial D'Ajuda, which is also known as the corner of the world. The park has artificial wave pools, gigantic toboggans and other water games. It is an ideal place to bring kids for a load of good fun.

Cidade Historica

Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

Cidade Historica (Historic City) is an area that was named a site of Historic National Patrimony in 1973. It can be found high up on a hill, near a bus station. It's made up of the houses and churches that were constructed in Brazil over 500 years ago. These buildings played a large role in the colonization of the country, making it very valuable, historically speaking. There are various people and tourist companies that offer its services to take visitors on a tour of the most important buildings.

Memorial da Epopeya do Descobrimento

Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

This memorial allows visitors to appreciate a 215,000 square foot botanic garden and a replica of the boat that Pedro Alvares Cabral sailed in when he discovered Brazil. There are guided tours and it is an excellent opportunity for unforgettable vacation moments.

Recife de Fora

Coral reef, Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

This beautiful natural marvel is a required visit during your vacations to Porto Seguro. It has been turned into one of the best places in the region to go diving. Make sure you go during low tide so that you can go snorkeling (the early hours of the day are the best) and avoid the afternoon, when there is a higher chance of less visibility. It is a very pleasant place that is great for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of the sea.

Water Sports

Attractions in Porto Seguro Brazil

Porto Seguro is a paradise for outdoor-activity enthusiasts. In the sea, you can navigate sailboats or kayaks, water ski, dive, snorkel and windsurf. There are also opportunities to paraglide, parasail and rent helicopters to contemplate the beaches from the sky. There are a variety of offers for excursions to the forests, mangroves, rivers and other natural reserves near Porto Seguro. What more can you ask for?

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