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The fascinating city of Porto Seguro overflows with beautiful beaches encircled by vibrant tropical vegetation. This city offers nature, culture, history, cuisine and exciting nightlife all in one place. Spend an unforgettable vacation in Porto Seguro, and you'll enjoy nearly 55 miles of amazing beaches and reefs. This is one of the most attractive destinations for travelers looking to get in touch with nature while experiencing nights full of colorful parties. Give in to the warm waves and stunning landscapes of this coastal city as you enjoy a unique experience on the beaches of Brazil.


Welcome to Porto Seguro

The charming city of Porto Seguro sits in the far south of the state of Bahia. The city is part of a municipality that shares the same name, filled with beautiful cities and small coastal villages. Among the more important nearby towns, you'll find Santa Cruz, Itabela, Itamaraju, Francoso, Arraial D'Ajuda and Prado.

Welcome to Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro has a sub humid climate, with an average annual temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The coasts of Porto Seguro are bathed in the warm, relaxing waters of the Atlantic Ocean, so you can rest assured that any time of year is ideal for enjoying this amazing city.

Welcome to Porto Seguro

The city maintains a colorful, small town colonial ambiance, and most of its houses are one-story with clay roof-tiles. Porto Seguro is considered a World Heritage Site, and it's protected against the construction of large buildings. However, this doesn't mean that there are no high-quality hotels. On the contrary! Porto Seguro has a large hotel infrastructure, many small inns and even camping areas. Since 1993, the city has an international airport receiving direct flights from Salvador, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro.

A Trip Full of Discovery

Welcome to Porto Seguro

About one million people spend their vacation in Porto Seguro every year. What are you looking for? Beaches? Nightlife? Culture? Porto Seguro was the first site where the Portuguese landed upon discovering Brazil. They had already spotted land at what is now the city of Santa Cruz, but they ultimately decided to continue south in search of a calmer landing spot. This was how the Portuguese found this extensive paradise, with relaxing waters and beautiful white sand beaches. The area was christened as Porto Seguro, which means "Safe Harbor".

Welcome to Porto Seguro

The landscape has changed very little since those times, maintaining the lush tropical vegetation and shallow-water reefs. Today, Porto Seguro is one of the main attractions in the state of Bahia, especially among young Brazilians and foreigners looking for evenings filled with vibrant nightlife during their vacation.

Welcome to Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro's tourism industry has grown rapidly, allowing plenty of room for all the people that want to get to know this amazing city. What was once a small town of only 10,000 people has grown into a city with nearly 100,000 inhabitants. Come see the beautiful beaches of Porto Seguro as you spend an amazing vacation surrounded by the culture, natural beauty and history of Brazil!


Welcome to Porto Seguro

Although the martial dance called "capoeira" doesn't have any determinable origins, it was extremely influential in the coastal regions, where African slaves used it as a cultural and musical expression, also used as personal defense. Numerous theories exist regarding the origin of this art form, but everyone agrees that its objective was in resistance to slave oppression.

Welcome to Porto Seguro

Even after slavery was abolished in Brazil, this martial dance continued to be practiced covertly, since the police force often associated it with criminal acts. Today, capoeira is practiced freely worldwide, and it will be an exhibition sport during the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. In Porto Seguro, you'll come across capoeira shows set on the street and in specialized schools.

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