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Nightlife in Porto Alegre: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs and more

Nightlife in Porto Alegre

The nightlife of Porto Alegre revolves on two axes: the modern cosmopolitan aspect of the city and the deeply-rooted Gaucho customs that are the pride and joy of this capital city as well as the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

On one hand, the musical and dancing spirit of Brazilians is present in the many karaoke bars, bohemian lounges, bars with live music and nightclubs with all the latest technology. On the other, the Centers of Gaucho Tradition (Centros de Tradiciones Gauchas) satisfy both the seeker of local folklore as well as those who are looking for a fantastic night out.

We invite you to take a look at our recommendations for nighttime entertainment in Porto Alegre. Choose the one that most adept to the hankering of the day and add a little bit of nighttime action to your vacations in Porto Alegre.

Centros de Tradiciones Gauchas (CTGs)

CTG Porto Alegre

Translated, these are the Center of Gaucho Tradition. Around the clock, you can find these centers, which can be restaurants or just an area that is part theater, part bar, where folkloric dance shows are held. These reflect the local culture of deeply-rooted Gaucho heritage, for both the proud locals of Porto Alegre to the visitors who come to learn more about these festive traditions of the Brazilian pampa. The most well-known CTGs are in the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre and are the "Descendencia Farrapa", the "Coxilha Aberta" and the "35 Roda da Carreta". These offer an energy-packed show of dancing and color where you can also enjoy the delicacies of Gaucho cuisine.

Oito e Meio (8 ½) Bar

Bar in Porto Alegre

Located in the upbeat neighborhood of Praia de Belas, this frequented nightclub is the forum where popular local bands and singers offer live shows of music that the people of Porto Alegre like the best. Enjoy tropical rhythms, rock or romantic ballads, depending on the day of the week. People in their 20s and 30s tear up the town every night at this fabulous bar, great for party people.

Bar Opiniao

Concert halls in Porto Alegre

Acclaimed by both locals and tourists, Bar Opiniao is the absolute icon of nightlife in Porto Alegre. Since its founding in 1983, this truly wild establishment is a space for fun, music and raucousness. It's grown to have a floor with space for up to 2,300 people, its own music production company and even an entertainment academy. Every weekend, there are live concerts and on certain special occasions, there have also been concerts by big names who happen to be in town, such as Metallica, Paco de Lucia, Rammstein or Mercedes Sosa.


Lounge bars in Porto Alegre

This fabulous place offers three different areas for your partying needs. The first is for warming up: this is a bar where the bartenders do fantastic juggling tricks while they serve the hundreds of different cocktails in their repertoire. The second has tables and candlelight for a bit of romance or a fun night on the town with friends. The third is a dance floor with a stage where there are high energy live concerts.

Boteco Dona Neusa

Botecos in Porto Alegre

This bar welcomes its clients with a truly Brazilian touch: samba on the loudspeakers, samba in the hors d'oeuvres and even samba in the decor on the walls. At Dona Neusa, there are delicious starters to accompany classic Brazilian drinks like Cachaza and Caipirinha. The walls have photographs of famous samba dancers and musicians, as well as photos of the different carnivals that are held around the country. The thumping music will make you move your feet.

Barrio Cidade Baixa

Bohemian bars in Porto Alegre

This area is known for the number of bars, taverns and "botecos", which are drinking establishments with minimal decor, similar to a dive bar. They come in all shapes, sizes and types: laid-back, frequented, bohemian or cutting edge. Rather than just recommend one in particular, the whole neighborhood is a great option among the many choices for nighttime entertainment. Come down to the lively Cidade Baixa neighborhood and see what it has to offer.