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Pipa is a city filled with pure magic, once a hippie's paradise and today a cosmopolitan beach destination that awakens the hearts of its visitors. It's considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, ideal for surfing and all sorts of water activities and sports. It hosts visitors from all over the world every year, offering incredible beaches and vibrant nightlife.


Welcome to Pipa

For travelers who love nightlife, Pipa offers some of the region's most famous evenings, with beautiful people, reggae nightclubs, Forro (a type of Brazilian dance) and techno music, along with a wide range of high quality shops and restaurants. Hotels and inns in the area also stand out thanks to their sophistication and the unique services that you'll only find in this beautiful destination.

A Brief History

Welcome to Pipa

Pipa, also known as Praia da Pipa ("Pipa Beach") was founded about 200 years ago, and its name comes from a stone located at the furthest point of Praia dos Afogados ("Beach of the Drowned"). As seen from the ocean by Portuguese explorers two centuries ago, the stone resembles the form of a "pipa", an oak barrel used to store wine and other liquors.

Welcome to Pipa

Near the end of the 1970s, Pipa began to earn international fame thanks to many surfers in search of the best waves out there. During that time, Pipa was a peaceful, hard-to-reach fishing community set on the coast of the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Today it's completely different, filled with bars, restaurants, nightclubs and streets filled with locals and tourists alike.

The Growth of Pipa

Welcome to Pipa

The development of Praia da Pipa has been very quick, and its international fame has grown exponentially in just a few decades, drawing in celebrities and tourists looking for the peace and tranquility that this destination offers. It features stunning scenery and impressive tours, ranging from boat tours, sand buggies, kayaking and horseback riding, to hiking the paths of Brazil's Atlantic Forest.

Welcome to Pipa

Today, the city focuses on tourism, with an impressive infrastructure filled with charm and comfort: hotels, inns and camping sites for all tastes and budgets, along with bars, boutiques and restaurants with international cuisine. Pipa is famous worldwide for its hospitality and its warm, friendly people.

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