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Nightlife in Phoenix Arizona, USA: Nightclubs, Bars & more

Nightlife in Phoenix Arizona

No matter what kind of entertainment you are looking for, in Phoenix there will always be a fabulous place to party all night long: dance clubs, comedy houses, chill-out lounges, live music clubs, bars with DJs playing trendy music, and pubs offering really good beers. Although most of the clubs and bars are located in downtown Phoenix, the surrounding cities like Scottsdale and Tempe in the metropolitan area, also host many popular dive bars, nightclubs and stages for local rock bands. In downtown Scottsdale, you'll also find the hottest spots, with extravagant and futuristic styles. You can also find a number of places to visit in other districts like Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert. These are only some options of the fantastic nightlife in Phoenix. Whatever the venue, while in Phoenix, the fun is guaranteed!

Dance Clubs

Nightlife in Phoenix Arizona

The eccentric clubs in Phoenix offer retro and modern music, fantastic light shows and huge dance floors, animated by talented DJs. Many dance clubs are influenced by Latin rhythms and country music as well as by R&B, hip hop and other styles. The variety of themes and music in each location invites regular and first-time customers to enjoy new experiences every night.

  • Axis and Radius (Scottsdale)
  • Buzz Nightclub (Scottsdale)
  • Club Central (Emcampt)
  • Efour (Scottsdale)
  • El Capri (El Capri)
  • Myst (Scottsdale)
  • Next (Scottsdale)
  • The Rogue Bar (Scottsdale)

Dive Bars and Pubs

Nightlife in Phoenix Arizona

The casual atmosphere in most dive bars is perfect for delicious Margaritas and cold Mexican beers, accompanied by tasty snacks. Some pubs offer more sophisticated menus, including delicious Irish dishes in addition to the typical stiff drinks. Many of these bars are equipped with giant screens, pool tables, video games and other choices of entertainment to liven up the evening.

  • Bikini Lounge (Story)
  • Chuy's (Tempe)
  • Coach House (Scottsdale)
  • Hollywood Alley (Mesa)
  • Palo Verde Lounge (Tempe)
  • Seamus McCaffrey's Irish Pub (Central City)
  • Teakwoods Tavern & Grill (Scottsdale)
  • T T Roadhouse (Scottsdale)

Live Music

Nightlife in Phoenix Arizona

There is nothing like the vibrant sound of a great rock band or a saxophone playing the blues. The scenario: a top-notch nightclub in some of the best areas of the city and the audience is made up of all kinds of excited people, of all ages and ideologies. Other music styles like jazz, R&B and swing are also very popular in Phoenix.

  • Alice Cooper's Town (Central City)
  • Char's Has the Blues (South Pierson Place)
  • Chez Nous Cocktail Lounge (Emcampt)
  • Hollywood Alley (Mesa)
  • Martini Ranch (Scottsdale)
  • Rhythm Room (Emcampt)
  • Sugar Daddy's (Scottsdale)
  • Venue of Scottsdale (Scottsdale)


Nightlife in Phoenix Arizona

In Phoenix, as in other cities, lounge bars have become the favorite kind of places to hang out with friends, mainly because they offer a relaxed clubbing concept: cozy rooms with smooth lights, comfortable couches and original decor, where you can easily let your imagination run wild. Normally, they serve an interesting variety of exotic cocktails and specialty drinks.

  • Amber Cocktail Lounge (North Mountain)
  • Bunkhouse Lounge (Emcampt)
  • Hidden House Cocktail Lounge (Emcamtp)
  • Merc Bar (Camelback East)
  • Pattie's First Avenue Lounge (Scottsdale)
  • Six (Scottsdale)
  • Sports City Grill (Central City)
  • Suede Restaurant & Lounge (Scottsdale)
  • The Door (Tempe)


Nightlife in Phoenix Arizona

Four Peaks Brewing Co, with two subsidiaries in Tempe and Scottsdale, is the right place to try premium beers. There are different kinds of light and dark home made beers, including the mainstays and nearly thirty seasonal specialties. Yard House offers the world's largest selection of draft beer (as stated in its slogan) at its three branches in Arizona (Glensdale, Scottsdale and downtown Phoenix) and other 15 cities in the United States. Other excellent restaurants-breweries are the Gordon Biersh Brewery Restaurant in Tempe and BJ's Restaurant Brewhouse in Chandler.

Gay Bars

Nightlife in Phoenix Arizona

Roscoe's On Seventh, located in The Valley, is the best gay sports bar in the area, according to locals. Besides showing exciting football games on big screens, this bar features special activities and deals for every day of the week. Charlie's, more in a Southwestern style, features a huge dance floor, so get ready to move your body with line dance lessons, and the all-night country dancing. Other popular gay bars are Amsterdam and Club Vibe in downtown Phoenix, and BS West in Scottsdale.

Sports Bars

Nightlife in Phoenix Arizona

Considered one of the best sports bars in Arizona, RT O'Sullivan's offers a great atmosphere with screens all over the place, airing games from a variety of sports as well as teams. At its three locations (two in Mesa and one in Glendale), different activities are arranged during the week, including trivia, poker tournaments and live band shows. Other sports bars in the Phoenix metropolitan area are Goldie's Neighborhood Sports and Upper Deck Sports Grill in Scottsdale, and Crabby Don's Bar & Grill, in Gilbert.

Comedy Clubs

Nightlife in Phoenix Arizona

Tempe Improv features renowned local comedians and guests from TV shows that are famous for their good humor. If it's one thing you can be sure of, it's that you won't leave without having burst into laughter a couple of times.

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