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Activities in Phoenix Arizona, USA: What to Do and Where to Go

Attractions in Phoenix Arizona

What is there to do in Phoenix? It's a reasonable question seeing as that Phoenix is not the most touristic city in the US, nor the most famous for its attractions. The "Valley of the Sun" (as Phoenix is also known) has the infrastructure to offer tourists a variety of activities that are related to or involved with nature, adventure, water parks, culture or sports. In the middle of the desert heat, the capital of Arizona is waiting for you. Phoenix offers a large number of attractions for everyone.

Water Parks

If there are distinctive attractions in Phoenix, they have to be the water parks. Contrary to what we would believe about the desert and the scarcity of water, urban planning has made it so that a number of water parks have been constructed to accommodate those who want to escape the cold of the north. A great diversity can be found around Phoenix, such as Wet 'n Wild, Big Surf Water Park, Golfland SunSplash, among other such parks.

Attractions in Phoenix Arizona

Wet 'n Wild

Open daily, Phoenix Wet 'n Wild is guaranteed fun. It is the biggest water park in Arizona and offers more than thirty slides and attractions, as well as all the services and amenities for a great experience. Day passes or season passes are available.

Big Surf Water Park

This is the first water park in America to have a wave pool, the Waikiki Beach. You will find slides, souvenirs, restaurants and everything you need to have a great adventure. Open from May to September.

Attractions in Phoenix Arizona

Golfland SunSplash

With over fifty years of experience, this water park has all the services and attractions to make your vacation an unforgettable event. For three years running, this mini golf course has been named the best course in all of Arizona.

Reserves and Natural Parks

Attractions in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix has a number of parks and natural reserves in and outside the urban area, all a part of the conservation effort dedicated to the deserts and wildlife. In any other situation, this land would have been developed. A good example of these conservations strategies is the South Mountain Park, which is also the largest municipal park in Arizona, with over 40 square miles in territory. The Papago Park is located in the east of the city, along with the Desert Botanical Garden and the Phoenix Zoo, also has golf courts, and very beautiful geological formations. You can find other parks in the area such as Camelback Mountain, Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park and Sunnyslope Mountain.


Attractions in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix has a very attractive cultural life, with interesting events all year round. In the downtown area, there are a variety of music choices to be found ranging from genres such as rock, electronic, alternative, fusion, and chamber music. The Phoenix Symphony Hall is where Arizona's Symphonic Orchestra plays. The U.S Airway Center or the Dodge Theatre is where massive concerts or music festivals are held. The Heard Museum is an art exhibition forum that is very famous in the region, with over 3 acres of art and exhibitions. It has galleries, halls, classrooms and backdrops for all kinds of artistic manifestation. Some other museums in town are the Phoenix Art Museum, the Phoenix Museum of History, the Arizona Science Center and the Zoo.


Attractions in Phoenix Arizona

If you are a sports enthusiast and love baseball, football, ice hockey, basketball or lacrosse, then Phoenix has everything for that adrenaline rush, where you can watch your favorite sport in the most modern sport complexes in the US. Famous franchises can be found here, such as the Phoenix Suns (basketball), the Arizona Cardinals (football), the Arizona Diamondbacks (baseball) or the Phoenix Coyotes (ice hockey). So if you are in the mood for attending a game, Phoenix has something for everyone!

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