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Restaurants in Patzcuaro, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Patzcuaro's restaurants

Michoacan has a wide variety of dishes that contribute to the vast array of traditional Mexican cuisine. In Patzcuaro, there are several dishes that are prepared with endemic products, such as the Patzcuaro white fish, which is found nowhere else on earth except for in Lake Patzcuaro. Achoque, an amphibian thought to be extinct, is still bred in the area and pan fried. Due to the warm climate and high humidity levels, there are many other products that thrive in this region, such as sour tuna, beans, chilies, tomatoes, potatoes, and cacaos, just to name a few. All this produce defines the flavors and aromas of Michoacan's classic gastronomy.

Patzcuaro's CorundasWhen visiting Patzcuaro, certain dishes should definitely be tried because of the particular way they are prepared as well as the seasoning and ingredients used. Anyone who has a keen interest in the culinary delights of Mexico is really in for a treat in Patzcuaro. Some of the most popular dishes are broad bean gorditas (a small, thick tortilla made with corn flour), tamales, corundas (triangle shaped tamales of bean or cheese), the sweet uchepos (soft milky tamales), which can be served with a salty sauce, the appetizing churipo or bote (chili soup with beef and vegetables), Tarascan soup (created by a cook from Patzcuaro), and michi soup (made with vegetables and milk). There is also a famous ice cream from Michocan, known in the region as ''pasta ice cream'', however, it contains no pasta and actually has a delicious caramel flavor. This particular ice cream is only made in Patzcuaro, and is just another one of the many gastronomic delights the chefs of Michoacan have created.

There's no doubt about the gastronomic variety that this city has to offer, and can easily compete with the best cuisines in the world. Thus, when visiting Patzcuaro, take advantage and enjoy the mouthwatering specialties and traditional dishes found in the Michoacan restaurants. Ask where you can sample any of the dishes described above, and for certain, the kind hospitable people of the Michoacan will be glad to guide you towards an exquisite gastronomical experience.

La Surtidora Restaurant

La Surtidora RestaurantLa Surtidora is located in a beautiful Baroque style house from the 17th century, in the city's main square. La Surtidora offers a wide array of traditional dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as delicious coffee. The outside area is perfect for relaxing, enjoying a drink and people watching for a while. This place is legendary for its outstanding service, and offers a great selection of regional, domestic and international wines and spirits to accompany your meal.

Cha cha cha Restaurant

Cha cha cha RestaurantLocated next to the basilica, Cha cha cha Restaurant combines a casual, relaxed atmosphere with creative cuisine, full of flavor. The menu features both regional and international cuisine and the chef changes it each month, in order to use the freshest, in-season produce. Cha cha cha features an open kitchen so you can see how the cooks skillfully prepare your meals, and it also has a private function room for events. Should you wish to dine 'al fresco' then the property has two lovely patios, surrounded by stunning colonial architecture.

Mistongo Restaurant

Mistongo RestaurantHere you can enjoy the most delicious Argentinean style food, without leaving the colonial Mexican ambiance that characterizes Patzcuaro. The restaurant also has an art gallery where you can enjoy your meals encircled by beautiful paintings, which are changed each season to help promote artists of the region. Mistongo Restaurant is based in a colonial building full of color with a warm, friendly atmosphere that has always been the main trait of this restaurant.

El Viejo Gaucho

El Viejo Gaucho RestaurantThis restaurant/bar is really popular with tourists because of the fantastic atmosphere and the inspiring South American music. It is an excellent locale for dinner and offers mouthwatering appetizers, salads, hamburgers, and pizzas and pasta, however the house specialty has to be the incredibly juicy steaks. After dining enjoy a few cocktails and listen to the live band. The restaurant also has an outdoor area to enjoy those warm evenings, and another quieter indoor area serving coffee and hot chocolate.

Cielito Lindo

Cielito Lindo RestaurantCielito Restaurant comes highly recommended. Here you can enjoy Mexican and regional dishes cooked in a genuine Patzcuaro style. The colonial building and the traditional Mexican furniture, made of old fine wood with attractive fabrics, make this restaurant the perfect choice to savor traditional Mexican dishes and enjoy the elegant, colonial style.

Dona Paca

Dona Paca RestaurantThis is one of the best places to try the regional cuisine of Michoacan, such as the delicious white fish cooked with parsley and fine herbs, or garlic, and corundas (steamed maize). For dessert, try an exquisite bunuelo (a sweet bun made of wheat flour and orange juice, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and topped with ice cream). This impressive construction is considered as one of the most beautiful houses in Mexico and dates back to the 17th century. It was owned by Francisca de Iturbe y Anciola, (the restaurant takes its name after her), and her descendants continue to manage the property with the same kind, friendly service and care, as she did.

Tekare Restaurant

Tekare RestaurantEnjoy from a tasty, nutritious breakfast to a plentiful dinner. The delicious homely touch of this restaurant is present in the home made tortillas, the excellent pan dulce (sweet rolls) and in the extraordinary regional specialties, such as Karucha Urapiti (white fish battered and breaded with fine herbs). This restaurant is located inside the Hotel Basilica, directly in front of Basilica de Nuestra Senora de la Salud and it is the only restaurant in the entire city with a panoramic view. The decor, as well as the furnishings, tableware and motifs are all from Patzcuaro.

Priscilla's Restaurant

Priscilla's RestaurantEnjoy the textures and flavors of Mexican and international cuisine, surrounded by extraordinary murals depicting the landscapes of Patzcuaro, the forests of Michoacan and the local people. The restaurant is located inside the La Mansion de los Suenos hotel, a structure from the 17th century, and the menu includes from large fresh salads, to soups, succulent steaks and fresh seafood. It is one of the most popular restaurants with both tourists and locals, because of its tasty dishes and casual atmosphere.

Don Rafa Restaurant

Don Rafa RestaurantThe owner of this restaurant Don Rafael Garcia, created the delicious Tarascan soup (a creamy soup made with bayo beans, tomato, cheese and tortilla strips) in the sixties. It has recently been recognized in culinary circles as one of the most important Mexican dishes ever. Consequently, when visiting Patzcuaro don't forget to sample the exquisite Tarascan soup. At the Don Rafa restaurant you can also try several other regional dishes, and the atmosphere is simply wonderful.

Bar Compania Restaurant

La Compania Restaurant BarThis is the first restaurant in Patzcuaro to have live music, featuring traditional Mexican groups playing trova and romantic music. Aside from offering a menu full of delicious regional dishes, Bar Compania Restaurant also serves Mexican dishes and classic international cuisine to please everybody. Thanks to the fantastic ''Mexican'' atmosphere that you can feel from the moment you enter this elegant early 20th century construction, as well as the warm service, the fresh ingredients and the careful preparation of each plate, your visit here will definitely be a wonderful experience.

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