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Nightlife in Patzcuaro, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Patzcuaro's Nightlife

Just like many other old towns in Michoacan, Patzcuaro is very quiet and peaceful with regards to nightlife. There aren't any noisy nightclubs or flashing neon lights to disturb the tranquility of the evening. However, Patzcuaro's nights aren't boring in the slightest, on the contrary, the variety of activities that this town has to offer are just a little different from the norm. Here, you can stroll in the open air under the starry sky or attend a delightful ''lunada'' (a party around a bonfire) in the woods or by the lake.

Nightlife in PatzcuaroEach year, during the first days of November, the night comes alive with a very traditional celebration that spreads throughout Patzcuaro and its surrounding areas. Joyful pilgrimages to the cemeteries are held in honor of those who have parted, and include music, flower arrangements and food. This is one of the special events that deserve to be seen and experienced to truly understand the town's folkloric history. The rest of the year, the nights in Patzcuaro are classically romantic, filled with a special mysticism that flows through the ancient streets and buildings. In this city you can take a deep breath of fresh air while watching the starry sky and sipping a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate. It'll make you think of times when the light of candles was the only thing that competed against the moon light.

There are a few bars open at night, which have become a traditional part of the town's life and are usually frequented by both tourists and locals. Occasionally, there are also some musical events that vary from intense raves to popular ''grupero'' concerts, these are held near the lake, sometimes on the dock, and also in the bars of the city. Don't hesitate to ask about the nightly events during your stay in Patzcuaro.

El Campanario Bar

El Campanario BarThis small bar is located directly in front of the Vasco de Quiroga Main Square, in amongst beautiful ancient buildings. There are all kinds of drinks served in this bar, from traditional Mexican beer to delicious cocktails. Most days of the week El Campanario has a live band performing, usually playing Spanish rock and really getting the crowd going. It's a great bar to come to if you want to get an insight into the local nightlife and enjoy a few drinks at the same time. And the owner closes when the last person leaves, so you could be in for a long night!

El Caporal Bar

El Caporal BarThis bar is a very laid-back place, excellent for a drink or two after a day spent exploring the town. The classic Mexican carved wood furniture, and the cork covered walls, creates a cozy atmosphere and helps keep the heat in during the cooler nights of Patzcuaro's fall and winter. The cork walls also help keep the music inside the bar, respecting the peace and tranquility of this Magic Town.

El Sotano Cafe Bar

El Sotano Cafe BarEl Sotano is a popular meeting point for the young people of Patzcuaro, because of its friendly atmosphere and great music. The name of the bar means ''The Basement'' in Spanish, and as the name suggests, it is located under one of the beautiful antique downtown buildings. The music here is an eclectic mix ranging from seventies disco to modern electronic pop. Don't be surprised if you are given an extra drink or if the price is discounted when you pay, because this bar often has excellent promotions too.

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