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The handicrafts sold in Palenque are created by talented men and women who live in the region. Through their beautiful creations, they seek to showcase and bring to life their emotions and experiences. Popular local handicrafts include wood carvings, textiles and ceramics, to name just a few.

The locally produced textiles are full of symbolism, so you’re buying more than just clothes. When you closely study the huipils (traditional loose-fitting dresses), you’ll see stories about the formation of the universe, when the gods changed the water below the earth into rain and created corn, the main staple of the local cuisine.

Throughout Palenque you’ll find hundreds of replicas of engravings from the tomb of King Pakal on stone and leather products as well as shirts. Mayan calendars, figurines, carved obsidian deities and miniature representations of the famous temples can also be easily purchased within the city and its surroundings.

The Central Park

Shopping in Palenque

Each afternoon, Palenque’s central park is filled with little stalls where beautifully designed shirts with original prints or replicas of Mayan calendars are sold. You’ll also be able to purchase bracelets, necklaces and earrings along with toys and pieces of amber. These and other items have been created by the local population and are sold at very reasonable prices.

Avenida Juarez

Avenida Juarez in Palenque

The length of this avenue, which is the main city thoroughfare, there are dozens of shops that sell everything from groceries to fine, handcrafted pieces. Take a delightful afternoon stroll down Avenida Juarez and enjoy searching for the perfect souvenir of your stay in Palenque.

Archeological Site

Shopping in the Palenque archeological site

Locals set up stalls both inside and outside of the archeological site, where you can buy beautiful items that represent the Mayan culture. Leather goods in all sizes and colors are available, along with stone carvings, necklaces with Mayan symbols, obsidian letter openers, earrings, bracelets and other lovely pieces. 



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