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Palenque Cuisine | What to Eat in Palenque


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Palenque Cuisine

Palenque is famous for the delightful local cuisine. One of the most popular traditional dishes is “shote con momo”, made with river snail, an aromatic herb called "Hoja Santa" and corn dough.

The staple food of Chiapas is corn, so it’s not surprising to find it served in a variety of ways and in most of the dishes found in Palenque. You can enjoy corn cobs or tortillas, tamales and drinks like "pozol" (corn dough, water and other ingredients), "pinole" (roasted ground maize mixed with a combination of cocoa, agave, cinnamon, chia seeds, vanilla or other spices) and "atole" (a heated mixture of corn hominy flour, water, unrefined cane sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and optional chocolate or fruit) . Other major ingredients used in the local cuisine are beans, potatoes, fava beans, squash, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, wild plants and several varieties of fungi.

Indulge your sweet-tooth with a customary dessert after enjoying a delicious meal. During your vacation in Palenque, try some of the local honey, tapioca, chocolate, peanut or coconut candies and accompany them with a traditional drink, including balche, a sacred Mayan drink made from the fermented bark of a leguminous tree.