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Pachuca Handicrafts

Pachuca has several malls, as well as specialty craft shops where you can find beautiful folk art by talented local artisans.






Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls Pachuca

Among the main shopping malls are Plaza Perisur, Plaza Universidad, and Plaza Bella; all of which have department stores, food courts, electronics stores, jewelers, boutiques, and other entertainment options.


Silver Pachuca

Silver is one of the most popular items to shop for in Pachuca due to the city’s more than 500 years of mining history. This legacy has led to the production of fine jewelry, platters, bowls, trays, vases, and a wide variety of fine decorative items for special occasions and everyday use. These products can be found in various shops located throughout the city, as well as in the town of Real del Monte, which is located 15 minutes from Pachuca.


Casa de Artesanias Hidarte

Casa de Artesanías Hidarte

At this handicraft center you can shop for silver jewelry, miniature figurines of miners, replicas of mining tools made of screws, nuts, and other recycled materials, as well as beautiful Tlahuelompa bells, textiles, and colorful pottery.

Shopping in Nearby Towns

Shopping in Nearby Towns

In the area surrounding Pachuca you can find original crafts, like items carved out of wood, pottery, textiles, and metal items. One example are the products from Mezquital Valley, which are made out of ixtle (maguey fibers) and can be used as decoration or for cleaning, as well as bags, wallets, belts, and tablecloths.

Located to the southeast, Cerro de las Navajas is known for its abundance of obsidian stone. In the town of Nopalillo you’ll find countless decorative pieces made from different shades of this stone. In Huasca de Ocampo, located half an hour from the “Beautiful Windy City,” you can shop for pottery and tableware made of clay from the region called Barro Vidriado.


Copper Bells Pachuca

In Tlahuelompa, located less than an hour from Pachuca, they make quality bells in various sizes, up to several feet tall. This town has been providing the state with bronze bells for over 150 years, both for churches and personal use.

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