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The cuisine of Pachuca and the surrounding area offers visitors all types of delicious dishes, each representing the tastes and aromas of pre-Hispanic, Spanish, and Cornish culture.

Exotic Dishes

Exotic Dishes

For a sampling of ancient traditional dishes, try gusanos de maguey (maguey worms) prepared in butter or olive oil, seasoned with a variety of salsas, and eaten in tacos. Also sample the delicious escamoles, which are red ant eggs that resemble grains of rice.





Barbacoa PachucaWithout a doubt, this is the most iconic dish of Hidalgo. The traditional way to prepare it is with lamb marinated in a mixture of chilies, avocado leaves, cinnamon, salt and pepper. It is baked underground on a rack made of wood and stone and wrapped in maguey leaves. This dish is an important part of local celebrations, especially weddings.


Mixiotes Pachuca

This is a dish that is prepared in a similar way to barbacoa. It is made with sheep, chicken, or rabbit meat that is covered with the thin outer layer of the maguey leaf, exquisitely seasoned, and steamed.


Pastes Pachuca

Due to the influence of Cornish miners who arrived in the region, Pachuca produces a type of pastry pie known as a paste, a word derived from the original English word pasty. The pastes are filled with different types of meat and some are also filled with sweet fillings.


Trout Pachuca

As a result of the rise of trout breeding in lakes, dams, and fish farms, you’ll find a wide variety of cuisine based around this fish. The best places to enjoy these dishes are Mineral el Chico, Huasca, Lago la Cruz, the El Cedral Dam, and the Estanques de El Zembo.



This pre-Hispanic drink typical of the maguey growing areas, is made from the extracted juice of the maguey plant and stored in a repository called a tinacal where it is fermented, resulting in a delicious drink that can be enhanced with the flavors of strawberry, guava, mamey, mango, as well as pistachio nuts and various other fruits.

Candies and Breads


Among the traditional candies of the region are amaranth "alegrias", pumpkin seed "jamoncillos", and nut, walnut or peanut seed "palanquetas". Another delicious local treat is pan de pulque (pulque bread), which is often accompanied by café de olla (coffee prepared in clay pots and flavored with cinnamon and brown sugar) or atole (a traditional beverage made from hominy flour and flavored with cinnamon and brown sugar).

La Blanca Restaurant

La Blanca Restaurant

This colonial style restaurant is located just off the main square and faces the Monumental Clock. It was founded in 1953, making it the most traditional restaurant in Pachuca. Throughout the years, it has served regional dishes in a friendly atmosphere.




Pachuquilla is a small village located less than two miles from Pachuca. Along Hidalgo Avenue, the main street in the town, you’ll find a wonderful selection of restaurants serving regional cuisine. This is a great place to try delicious barbacoa, the best pastes in Pachuca, mixtotes, gusanos de maguey, escamoles, and many other local dishes.


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