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PachucaPachuca is nicknamed the “Beautiful Windy City” for the strong winds that blow through its streets, forests, meadows, and fields for most of the year. It has a pleasant climate, making it an ideal place to visit just about any time of year. During colonial times it was known for its rich silver deposits, which led to the mining boom.




Tula Hidalgo

The capital of the state of Hidalgo is a peaceful city with clean and orderly streets and several architectural gems, including impressive pre-Hispanic archeological sites, baroque style churches and convents, nineteenth century neoclassical buildings with a strong English influence, and modern office buildings with avant-garde designs. It has a new and exclusive business district, the Zona Plateada (Silver Zone), where you’ll find a modern convention center and various hotels designed for business travelers.

The Birthplace of Mexican Soccer

Miguel Hidalgo Stadium Pachuca

Pachuca is proud to be known as the birthplace of Mexican soccer. The game was first introduced by a group of Cornish miners in 1901, and later adopted by the locals. Today, the city is the site of the first Soccer University in the country, and it’s also home to a professional soccer team.

The city has modern attractions like the Interactive World Soccer Center, a space that includes a mini stadium, interactive exhibits, and a 3D theater; the Soccer Hall of Fame, an exhibition that promotes the sport and recognizes some of the best Mexican and international players; and the Miguel Hidalgo Stadium, a modern stadium with 35,000 seats that’s the official home of the Pachuca “Tuzos.”

Pachuca Profile

  • Capital of the state of Hidalgo
  • A city with a renowned mining tradition
  • The place where the Toltec culture flourished
  • Birthplace of Mexican Soccer and home of the Pachuca Athletic Club
  • Business infrastructure
  • Surrounded by hot springs and water parks
  • Known for its nearby Magic Towns
  • A great destination for outdoor recreational activities
  • Delicious cuisine

Things to do in Pachuca

  • Tour the historic center, admire the colonial buildings, and visit Plaza Independencia
  • Take a photo in front of the Monumental Clock and the Conde Rule House
  • Learn about the history of the state of Hidalgo at the Mining Museum
  • Take the family to the El Rehilete Museum and the Biopark
  • Enjoy panoramic views overlooking the city from the Christ the King Monument
  • Experience the exciting world of soccer at Miguel Hidalgo Stadium, the Soccer Hall of Fame, and the World Soccer Interactive Center
  • Visit the Magic Towns: Huasca de Ocampo with its Basaltic Prisms, Real del Monte with its many silver shops and Mineral del Chico for its colonial charm
  • Venture out to explore the natural scenery at El Chico National Park and enjoy a variety of exciting outdoor activities
  • Relax in the nearby hot springs and spend a fun day at the water parks
  • Tour the Tolantongo Caves and the Tula, Xihuingo, and Huapalcalco archeological sites
  • Dine on succulent lamb barbacoa, mixiote, tasty pastes, and all the rest of the delicious cuisine from Hidalgo
  • Try the pre-Hispanic drink called pulque
  • Shop for silver items, textiles, and pottery
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