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Downtown Oaxaca After Dark

The main plaza in Oaxaca is the center of the city's nightlife, featuring bands, musicians, shoe shiners and vendors selling balloons, handicrafts, and toasted grasshoppers, all contributing to the atmosphere.

In addition to abundant cultural options, Oaxaca offers a variety of ways for you to start, continue, or finish the party. It is very common for people to go bar-hopping, and around midnight the pedestrian street Calle Peatonal Macedonio Alcala begins to fill up with people looking for that next great place to go. 

Nightlife in Oaxaca

Trova, salsa, techno, and pop are just some of the genres you can find in the traditional and vibrant cantinas and bars of the city. It's difficult to believe that, despite its conservative appearance, Oaxaca has a wild nightlife scene that usually goes on until the early hours of the morning. The tradition of the long nights might have started with the legendary three-day provincial festivals, which are still being held today.

The Portales on the Main Plaza

Portales of Oaxaca at Night

The "portales" are covered walkways with arches that are home to a number of famous cafes that offer extensive traditional menus. After dinner they are popular meeting places for locals, as they become vibrant outdoor bars. The tradition is to enjoy a beer or mezcal here accompanied with toasted peanuts or grasshoppers with lime.

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