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Restaurants and Dining Guide for Where to Eat in Oakland

Restaurants in Oakland California

Cosmopolitan and multicultural, the city of Oakland has restaurants that cater to all tastes and budgets. Listed below are some of the best places to eat in Oakland.

Trader Vic's

Restaurants in Oakland California

This historic restaurant first opened its doors in the early '30s, and has been considered one of the best in the region ever since. Trader Vic's is a mainstay of Oakland cuisine and has served an endless number of diplomats, heads of state, and members of the UN. It is located in the Emeryville Marina.





Restaurants in Oakland California

The Latino district in Oakland is called Fruitvale. 10 blocks of International Boulevard run through this district, and offer some of the best places to enjoy Mexican cuisine in Oakland.






Restaurants in Oakland California

Chinatown is located very close to the historic center of Oakland, featuring an endless number of restaurants serving Chinese cuisine, along with stores selling the necessary condiments and ingredients for preparing it. Downtown Oakland also houses excellent restaurants offering tasty Asian cuisine, including dishes from India, Cambodia, and Vietnam.




Vien Huong Restaurant

Restaurants in Oakland California

Vien Huong is probably the best restaurant in Oakland's Chinatown. It offers delicious specialty dishes from China and Vietnam, along with fish dishes and salads. The prices here are very reasonable.





Lake Chalet

Restaurants in Oakland California

This prestigious restaurant in Oakland serves premium steaks and seafood, offering a wonderful view of Lake Merritt. The elegant decor here makes it ideal for a special occasion, while it has a dock where you can enjoy a drink from the bar, or go on a romantic gondola tour.





Restaurants in Oakland California

Spettro is one of the most prestigious restaurants in the Grand Lake district. It offers an eclectic menu featuring international cuisine, including dishes from Europe, the American continent, and Asia. It also offers Californian cuisine and seafood specialty dishes. The atmosphere is casual and ideal for any occasion, whether it is a family celebration or an anniversary dinner. Spettro has a fantastic children's menu.



Avenida Piedmont

Restaurants in Oakland California

On this avenue you'll find diverse culinary fare ranging from classic Mexican tacos to fine dining gourmet cuisine. Listed below are some of the best places to go in the area:

  • Baja Taqueria - People queue up to get in and enjoy mouthwatering dishes and reasonable prices.
  • Bay Wolf Restaurant - This restaurant has been offering gourmet cuisine in an elegant environment for more than 30 years.
  • Xyclo - Vietnamese fusion cuisine.

Fenton's Creamery and Restaurant

Restaurants in Oakland California

This emblematic restaurant has been selling exquisite handcrafted ice creams for over a century; they are, without a doubt, the best ice creams in Oakland. Offering mouthwatering ice creams, sundaes, cakes, salads, and fast food, the restaurant attracts plenty of locals and tourists every day. Just as proof of its legendary status, this eatery even appears in the animated movie "Up"!

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