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Attractions and What to do in Oakland USA

Attractions in Oakland California

With over 250 days of sun a year, Oakland is known as the city with the best weather in the US. It is an ideal place to take part in outdoor activities, walks, field trips, bike tours, and generally to get closer to Mother Nature.

Oakland has also been the birthplace of endless cultural and artistic movements over the years. Many artists, authors, singers, musicians and actors have called the city home, with the most famous among them probably Tom Hanks.

Lake Merritt

Attractions in Oakland California

Lake Merritt is a large tidal lagoon that features a mix of freshwater and saltwater. Close to Lake Merritt you can find numerous parks, residential areas, and attractions, including downtown, the Great Lake district, and Children's Fairyland, an incredible children's play area.



Jack London Square

Attractions in Oakland California

This beautiful park, located on the coast, is one of the main attractions in Oakland. Originally it functioned as a ferry terminal, and it is still a vibrant working waterfront. There are an impressive number of restaurants and shops in the area and it is a wonderful place to relax, unwind, go for a walk, and to get the most out of the climate in Oakland. Next to the park you'll find the USS Potomac, a navy ship that served during President Roosevelt's time at the helm, and has now been turned into a museum offering guided tours.


Angel Island

This place is a wonderful nature reserve. You can visit the island by taking a ferry from Jack London Square.


Chabot Space and Science Center

Attractions in Oakland California

This modern science and education center is set on more than 12 acres in the area ofOakland known as "The Hills". It has a planetarium, a projection room, fascinating interactive exhibitions and a telescope. Adventurous guests can even go on a simulated space mission in a special area of the center. There are also facilities for children and babies.




The Oakland Ballet

Considering the number of artists living in the city, it's no surprise that Oakland is home to a world-class ballet. If you're into music and scenic arts, you can't miss out on one of the Oakland Ballet shows at the Laney College Theater.


Fox Oakland Theatre

Attractions in Oakland California

This architectural icon of the city was built almost 50 years ago. It has been fully renovated and now shows local plays from the San Francisco Bay area. Come and discover an important city building and have a great time in the Uptown district, one of the most artistic areas in the city.





Attractions in Oakland California

Oakland is home to three professional sports teams: the Raiders in the NFL, the Athletics of the MLB, and the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. All three are successful franchises that attract lots of fans every week to Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.




Walking in the City

Attractions in Oakland California

Oakland is considered to be one of the best cities for walking in the US. Take advantage of the fantastic weather, visit the Port of Oakland and explore the picturesque neighborhoods near downtown. It's like visiting a gigantic outdoor museum! The lush Joaquin Miller Park is another place you can't miss out on during a walking or bike tour of the city.




Oakland Museum of California

Attractions in Oakland California

This is the main museum in Oakland and first opened in the '70s. The museum safeguards important exhibits that tell the story behind the foundation and development of this cosmopolitan city, along with local works of art and cultural pieces. The building itself is an architectural masterpiece.




Radio Beach

Radio Beach is the only public beach in Oakland and it's a popular meeting point for locals and tourists.

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