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Gastronomía en Nuevo Laredo The cuisine in Nuevo Laredo is highly influenced by that of the neighboring state of Nuevo Leon. It mainly consists of tacos filled with meat grilled over a wood fire, exquisite cabrito al pastor ("pastor style" goat kid,), flour tortillas, and "machacado" (shredded dried meat with egg).

Pork stews are also typical of the city. Not as common, but equally delicious dishes, are dishes made with fish and seafood brought from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico that borders the state of Tamaulipas.

Paseo Colon

Gastronomía en Nuevo Laredo

Come and enjoy delicious international cuisine in a casual atmosphere. The restaurant "Paseo Colon" offers a breakfast buffet and an a la carte menu for lunch. Discover why Paseo Colon is one of the favorite restaurants among the locals in Nuevo Laredo!

Rancho Su Majestad el Taco


Open for more than 30 years, this traditional restaurant serves the best Mexican cuisine. The house specialty is the world-famous taco, which can be filled with beef, chicken fajitas, or pork. The restaurant also offers different traditional Mexican soups, such as Pozole, bone marrow soup, Aztec Soup, and Caldo Tlalpeno. It's well worth mentioning that this restaurant has its own high-quality aged tequila known as "El Rancho", which is distilled in Jalisco and  served exclusively in this cozy restaurant.



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