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Nuevo Laredo

Located in the north of the state of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Laredo is one of the main Mexican border cities. In economic terms, it is a major force due to its trade, logistics and textile industries, which have made this metropolis one of the cities with the highest per capita income in all of Mexico.

What's more, the cultural and intellectual flow between the U.S. and Mexico is constant here, and evident in the exhibitions, theater shows, and book fairs, as well as in the diverse array of museums and auditoriums in the area.

Major Border City

Nuevo Laredo

The industrial development and demographic growth of Nuevo Laredo, in addition to its proximity to Laredo, Texas, have led to a surge in the intense commercial life shared by inhabitants and tourists alike. It is the main land port of entry into Mexico and the most direct connection between Mexico, the US, and Canada.

Every day, year after year, more than 10,000 cargo trucks full of merchandise cross the border and more than one thousand railroad cars do the same. More than 36% of all merchandise that Mexico exports departs to the US through Nuevo Laredo, positioning the city as one of the most important land ports of entry on the whole continent.

Nuevo Laredo Profile

  • Important industrial and business city
  • Famous commercial border city
  • A driving economic force in Mexico
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Ideal crossing point for people looking to shop in the US

Things to do in Nuevo Laredo

  • Visit the historic downtown area and admire the main plazas and tourist attractions, such as Plaza Hidalgo
  • Take a shopping tour to Laredo, Texas
  • Purchase handicrafts in the historic downtown area and the stores in the city, such as Marti's and the Maclovio Herrera Market
  • Discover the history of the city captured in the Founders' Monument
  • Cross the border bridge that connects the city to the US
  • Have fun with your family at the Nuevo Laredo Cultural Center
  • Visit the Old Railway Station and the Historic Archive to discover the first written summary of the city.




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