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Restaurants in Natal, Brasil: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Natal Brazil

The food and drink of Natal have a distinctive flavor in Brazilian cuisine. Its people keep alive the traditional recipes and many of the national dishes of Brazil. If you have visited other parts of the country you will be amazed by the characteristic essence of the food in Natal. When visiting, take advantage of the many regional restaurants available in the city. Due to its closeness to the sea, you must try the delicious seafood, like the famous "Moqueca".

Thanks to the American influence during World War II, many foreign dishes and products were brought to Natal from all around the world. It is one of the cities with the largest number of immigrants in Brazil, and therefore, a place with varied culinary influences. You can find a lot of Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Arabic restaurants throughout the city.

Tabua de Carne

Restaurants in Natal Brazil

Tabua de Carne specializes in the regional cuisine of Natal. Its main dish is "carne do sol" (jerked beef) and its variations. It has two restaurants in the city that are usually both packed at noon. One of the locations is on Via Costeira and was built facing the sea, offering a spectacular panoramic view of Praia dos Artistas. It has a digital system for the waiters to take orders quickly, so you don't have to wait long to be served. The main difference between the carne de sol dishes is the variety of sides it has. Usually a full order consists of rice, fried manioc, beans, butter, and mashed manioc.


Restaurants in Natal Brazil

This restaurant is located 500 meters from Praia Shopping on Avenida Roberto Freire. In Pantanal, roast meat is served through the Rodizio system, meaning you pay a fixed amount and eat all the fine cuts you want. The restaurant has two options, with or without "Picanha." The "Picanha" is the upper part of the sirloin, which is extremely soft and delicious. Compared to other restaurants of its kind, the Pantanal is relatively much cheaper, even for Brazilian standards.


Restaurants in Natal Brazil

Terere was classified by the Brazilian magazine "Veja" as the best steakhouse in Natal. It is located on the Rota do Sol and also functions on the Rodizio system: the waiters will come to your table offering various cuts of delicious meat during your dining experience. The restaurant has air conditioning, valet parking and first class service. Among the meat cuts, you may also find buffalo and wild boar meat!


Restaurants in Natal Brazil

Natal has a large number of foreign residents who brought their best dishes to Brazil and Guinza is a great example of that. It was the first and only Japanese restaurant in Natal for a long time. The menu has been adapted over the years to appeal to the Brazilian palate, adding dishes like steak and fish from the northeastern region. Guinza is located on Via Costeira and has a fast-food branch in Praia Shopping.


Restaurants in Natal Brazil

This magnificent restaurant has more than 20 years serving traditional seafood to tourists and locals. It was opened in 1989 and is considered the best seafood restaurant in Natal. To be able to cope with the demand during the high season, they had to open a second restaurant just 300 meters away from the first one, which also gets packed, especially on Sundays. No doubt Camaros is a must during your vacation!


Restaurants in Natal Brazil

The restaurant Abade was founded in 1997 and will take your taste buds on a culinary journey through Portuguese and international food. Abade was honored several times by many Brazilian magazines, accumulating a history of success with their diners. Eating at Abade is quite a delightful and rewarding experience, offering first class, professional service. The chefs use the best spices to prepare your meat, seafood or pasta. Accompany your meal with an exquisite wine from the varied menu.

Fast Food

Restaurants in Natal Brazil

Fast food in Natal has been growing in popularity in recent years. Foreign influence in the area managed to position brands in the city such as McDonalds, Burger King, Subway and many more. They are also very popular national fast food brands like Bob's (hamburgers), Casa do Pao de Queijo (cheese buns, sandwiches and coffee), and Habib's (Arabian food) among others. As usual, these franchises can be found in major shopping malls, supermarkets and main avenues.

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