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Nightlife in Natal, Brazil: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Natal, Brazil

Carnival festivities are undoubtedly a big reason for partying in Natal. In fact they are so popular that the city came up with a similar celebration of its own, Carnatal. This famous occasion takes place once a year during December, a few months prior to the regular carnival enjoyed throughout all of Brazil.

Natal is also famous for its remarkable beach parties, especially those thrown in the city's renowned Ponta Negra neighborhood. Pay a visit to one of these bashes and witness an unforgettable night unfold while dancing under the moonlight.

Taverna Pub

Nightlife in Natal, Brazil

This theme bar opened its doors in 1997 and is located in the basement of the Lua Cheia castle. The medieval decor includes a selection of swords, shields and armor, while employees can be seen wearing costumes which resemble the typical wardrobe of the middle ages. Taverna Pub is open Tuesday through Saturday and offers live music as well as several DJs mixing genres such as rock, pop, electronic, forro and samba. The bar's website is frequently updated with pictures taken from prior nights in case you need a reminder of all the fun.

The Chaplin Complex

Nightlife in Natal, Brazil

The Chaplin Complex("Complejo Chaplin") is one of the most popular night spots in all of Natal and has something different to offer on each of its four floors. The basement has a disco where mainly electronic music is played and the ground floor is equipped with two bars. The second floor features a bar which plays a selection of live music and the top floor, arguably the most entertaining section of the building, plays live Samba music. The Chaplin Complex usually closes its doors during Carnatal due to the event's huge popularity.

Seven Pub

Nightlife in Natal, Brazil

Seven Pub is a great place to visit during the weekends. It is located in a two-story building and frequently hosts shows featuring local bands and DJ's. This modern pub has bars on both of its floors as well as live music and plenty of space for dancing. People who prefer things a little more laid back can relax at one of the many tables available.

Guinza Blue

Nightlife in Natal, Brazil

Guinza Blue has won the ''best bar for couples'' award by Veja magazine for three years in a row. This lounge bar's layout is similar to that of a large living room and features a dance floor surrounded by tables with subtle lighting. The decor mixes both modern and retro elements along with the addition of several mirrors and laser lighting. Besides being a great place for couples, it is also a popular spot for groups of friends.


Nightlife in Natal, Brazil

Zastras is the ideal spot for people who want to immerse themselves in the Brazilian culture. From Monday through Saturday, the club has performances of several types of dances, and each night features a different theme than the night before. Topics include Natal's local culture, Brazilian culture in general and presentations of capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian art form which is a combination of martial arts, music and dance. Brazilian music such as frevo, samba and carimbo are a few of the other genres played. All of the shows at Zastras are in English because it's a very popular spot for tourists.

Forro Com Turista

Nightlife in Natal, Brazil

Forro com Turista was founded in 1987 when Natal's tourism began to grow exponentially. This night spot is popular because you'll get an amazing cultural experience as well as an incredible night of entertainment. It is definitely worth visiting for anybody who enjoys dancing or would like to learn how to dance to Forro music, a traditional genre which is typical in the region where Natal is located. Even though it is open for most of the week, Thursdays tend to be the most popular night with both locals and tourists. Enjoy an entertaining night of fun alongside friends or family while learning a thing or two from the locals.

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