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Attractions in Morro de Sao Paulo: What to do and where to go

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The days in Morro de Sao Paulo revolve around the beautiful beaches, where you can lie under the sun, enjoy a boat tour, take part in exciting water sports, explore the neighboring islands and even try an eco tour of the area. At night, make sure to visit the village's bars and restaurants as you experience the region's diverse cuisine first-hand, ranging from simple dishes to elaborate seafood recipes, all at accessible prices.

One of the island's most exciting attractions is kayaking. If you're brave enough and in good physical condition, you can experience a kayak tour from Ilha do Caita (Caita Island) to Segunda Praia (Second Beach). Visitors can also discover the gorgeous underwater world full of colorful fish and reefs when snorkeling, an activity you won't want to miss at Quarta Praia (Fourth Beach).


Atrações Morro de São Paulo

Tourists visiting Morro de Sao Paulo can be found mainly on its five beaches. Travelers staying at Primeira Praia (First Beach) are close to the village's center filled with bars, restaurants and shops. Segunda Praia (Second Beach) is the place to be for young people, with a fresh, exciting vibe. Terceira Praia (Third Beach) is a much more calm and relaxing area. All three are located close to each other, and it's very easy to walk from one to the other. A more isolated atmosphere begins at Quarta Praia (Fourth Beach) and continues towards the fifth beach, the only one with a name: Praia do Encanto (Charm Beach). If you stay at the fourth and fifth beaches, you'll be further from town, but many of the inns and hotels offer complimentary transportation to the central area. Praia do Encanto is classified by many international publications as the most charming beach in Brazil, as its name would indicate.


Atrações Morro de São Paulo

Morro de Sao Paulo is situated south of the city of Salvador and is renowned for its natural beauty, including its stunning lookout points where you can experience views of the exuberant surrounding landscapes. The most important lookout point is known as Mirante do Farol, offering a spectacular view of Salvador, the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Boipeva, and Primeira, Segunda and Terceira beaches, perfect for viewing at night under the moon. If you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming in front of the famous Ruinas da Fortaleza e do Farol (Fort and Lighthouse Ruins). Make sure to also visit Prainha do Forte, a small beach that can only be seen during low tide, filled with beautiful natural pools...the perfect spot to relax.

Fonte do Céu

Atrações Morro de São Paulo

Like the popular Brazilian song says, "All roads lead to Fonte". Fonte do Ceu (Spring of the Sky) is situated atop Pico da Argila (Clay Peak). Imagine a waterfall at the top of a mountain that seems to come out of nowhere. Here, you can take refreshing baths in waters containing healing properties, since they pass through fields of aloe vera.

Jubarte Whale Watching

Atrações Morro de São Paulo

Seeing the Jubarte whales is yet another amazing experience that Morro has to offer, one that you can't miss out on. These whales stay along the coast from July through October, and you can see mothers playing with their young very close to shore.

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