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Shopping in Morro de Sao Paulo: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

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Morro de Sao Paulo doesn't have large shopping malls but it does have many little shops in the downtown area as well as a handicraft market where you can buy all sorts of art and objects of a variety of materials, even from recycled material. The majority of the artisans use natural raw materials to create their work. Take some souvenirs of this wonderful tropical paradise with you, filled with enticing beaches, warm oceans and breathtaking sunsets.

Handicraft Market

Compras no Morro de São Paulo

Located in the Aureliano Lima Park, in the center of the city, this market has over 20 handicraft kiosks, with the number multiplying during the summer months. It opens after 6 in the evening and is closes at midnight. Work by local artisans is sold here, such as jewelry made out of everything from seeds to silver, handmade sandals, purses, belts and curtains made out of recycled materials.

There are also beautiful decorative pieces like lamps, wall hangings, flower pots, mobiles, bedspreads and lace tablecloths.

Works of Art

Compras no Morro de São Paulo

The most beautiful works of art are exhibited in "Cafe com Arte" that offers permanent art exhibitions, like in Ponto de Encontro, a sophisticated cafe located in the center of town where food is mixed with art. It is a restaurant where the owner chooses every single detail personally.

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