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Nightlife in Morro de Sao Paulo: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

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After spending a day on the beautiful beaches or exploring the natural surroundings, it's time for an exciting evening starting at the village's small bars and stands selling "caipifrutas", a traditional Brazilian caipirinha drink made with fruit. Spend the evening hanging out with friends, since the nights in Morro de Sao Paulo offer the perfect ambiance for a memorable experience every night of the week. Most people start to head out around midnight, and the fun doesn't stop until the sun comes up. Some after parties can last until nine in the morning.

Without a doubt, the best dates for experiencing nightlife in Morro are at New Year's, the famous "Resaca del Carnaval" and on holidays, when the number of tourists can double or triple. Due to its popularity among partygoers, many refer to Morro as "The New Ibiza".

Pulsar Disco

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Located just a few steps from Aureliano Lima Park on the "Caminho do Forte", this is the only venue in the area designed 100% as a nightclub. It features innovative architecture and a truly unique structure. Customers can dance to a variety of modern music, like techno and trance along with many Brazilian and international favorites. The style can change depending on the different theme nights and parties, organized during high season and on holidays.

Toca do Morcego

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With an extraordinary view and a great location at one of the best spots in the village, this open air club and bar offers an intense night with a variety of music in its famous bar lounge. It can be found on the "Caminho do Farol", near the central park. When the sun goes down and the moon comes out, the curtains go up and the party continues on the sand.

Teatro do Morro de São Paulo

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With an outdoor amphitheater style and two unique areas to choose from, this old Morro theater can be found on the Rua da Mangaba. Today, it lights up the night with Brazilian, international and techno music.


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The locals and returning tourists refer to this spot as "Caita". It has a multifaceted ambiance, with a commercial gallery, a stand on the beach, a restaurant and an inn. Located on Segunda Praia (Second Beach), this place features a vibrant and exciting ambiance at night. You can dance to the rhythm of Brazilian, international and techno music.

Full Moon Party

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In the Gamboa area, you can celebrate the "Full Moon Party", an exciting techno scene right on the beach. Popular DJs from around the world come to play their music, and the Full Moon Party has a VIP area for locals and tourists alike, with a private dance floor.

O Luau

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The Luau is celebrated at the end of Segunda Praia, a tropical party filled with bright colors. A variety of fruit stands form a semi-circle around an outdoor dance floor in the sand, the highlight of this vibrant party. At the Luau, "caipifrutas" are the most popular drink: cocktails made with vodka or Brazilian cachaza along with delicious fruits.

Barzinhos (Small Bars)

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During low season, when the main clubs don't open due to the scarcity of tourists, smaller bars known as "barzinhos" make their appearance, like "O Bar", "Morro do Peixe", "Sambas" and "Ice Clube". The parties at the barzinhos are often improvised, with no specific day planned. They tend to receive up to 200 guests and rarely require a cover charge.

Ressaca de Carnaval

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Morro de Sao Paulo is home to the largest "Resaca de Carnaval" in Brazil. The name of this party means "Carnaval Hangover", the large after-party following Brazil's famous yearly Carnaval. In the state of Bahia, Carnaval is very popular, and when the festivities are over, partiers head out to the small village of Morro de Sao Paulo to continue the fun throughout the day and night.

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