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Morro de Sao Paulo is a beautiful and picturesque city on the small island of Tinhare, which has some of the most beautiful beaches, with eternally warm waters and sunshine all year round. This well-maintained paradise is the perfect place for vacations free of the big cities.


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Morro de Sao Paulo is located almost 40 miles south of Salvador, in Bahia. It is a part of Cairu, the only municipality/archipelago in Brazil that is made up of a number of islands, between 26 and 36, depending on the tide.

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Morro de Sao Paulo is about 175 square miles large, 44 of which consist of wonderful landscapes of magnificent coastlines. The only way to arrive is in a two-hour catamaran ride or by air taxi. The majority of the inhabitants of "Morro" (as the island is also called) are foreigners who came to visit, could not resist the beauty of the island and ended up settling down permanently.


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Tourism is the main source of income for Morro. In 1980, there were only 15 houses with electricity. Now there are over 70 lodging options, a number of bars and restaurants. It's among the most famous tropical destinations that is searched for by scores of tourists all over the world. There are an incredible number of long, deserted beaches with fine, light-colored sand, lukewarm natural swimming holes, coral reefs, hills with panoramic views and a virgin jungle filled with birds, monkeys and mangroves with canals. All these factors make Morro de Sao Paulo a true treasure and one of the most beautiful coastlines of Bahia.

This island paradise is a very safe place. Motorcycles, cars and buses cannot enter the streets of sand so you can normally see kids playing freely in these areas. It is also the perfect spot for adventure-seekers who look for deserted beaches filled with palm trees. There is also a great nightlife for those who search for parties that go on till sunrise.

On your next vacations, visit Morro de Sao Paulo. Apart from the flora, fauna and memories of its colonial history, there are also many art and entertainment options.


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The beaches of Morro have the peculiarity that they are not named and are simply known as "Primeira Praia" (First Beach), located in the center and excellent for surfing; "Segunda Praia" (Second Beach), where you can find all sorts of day and nighttime activities; "Terceira Praia" (Third Beach) is extensive with natural pools; "Quarta Praia" (Fourth Beach) and "Praia do Encanto" (Enchanted Beach) are the last two where you'll find calm, virgin beaches filled with coconut trees, reefs, natural swimming holes and much more.

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The island of Tinhare is one of the oldest colonies in Brazil, together with the neighboring Boipeba. Martim Afonso de Sousa was the first Portuguese to arrive in Tinhare in 1531. The main town was established in the cove of Morro de Sao Paulo. Previously, however, the island was constantly under threat by pirates and corsairs and many forts were built to protect it from the incessant invasions. Nowadays, the ruins of the Fort of Sao Paulo are frequented by another type of visitor, namely tourists. Instead of looting, they marvel over the beauty of the region.

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