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The Historic Center

The Historic Center Morelia

With its well-preserved elegance and grandeur, the historic center of Morelia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of the colonial buildings date from the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, including a number of churches and old buildings with large courtyards, arches and fountains. The distinctive color of the pink stone buildings has given Morelia its nickname of the “Pink City”. As you walk through the historic center, you’ll explore a large open-air museum where the exhibits are the buildings themselves.


Aqueduct Morelia

Originally built in 1785, the aqueduct provided water to the fountains and convents of the downtown area. Featuring more than 250 arches, it was constructed in a beautiful baroque style that has become a symbol of the city. Most of the masonry work dates back to the eighteenth century.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral Morelia

The Morelia Cathedral is a pink stone colossus that towers nearly 230 feet in the air. It has a triple façade, altarpieces, and three interior patios adorned with beautiful murals. Constructed between 1660 and 1744, the cathedral has a massive twentieth century organ with 4,600 pipes. It also houses valuable paintings and a sixteenth century image known as the Lord of the Vestry.

Public Library

Public Library MoreliaFirst opened in 1930, the San Nicolas de Hidalgo Public Library of the Michoacan University is located within a structure that once housed the temple of the Society of Jesus. This baroque building dates back to the seventeenth century and is one of the more notable Morelia attractions included on the city tours.


Morelia Convention Center

Morelia Convention Center

With gardens, parking lots, a planetarium, library, hotel, theater, event facilities and an exhibit area, the Morelia Convention Center is one of the most comprehensive convention centers in Mexico.

Las Tarascas Fountain

Las Tarascas Fountain

Las Tarascas fountain is located in Morelia’s historic center and is a symbol of Michoacan’s fertile lands. One of the three main attractions showcased on local postcards, the fountain shows three indigenous women holding a tray heaped with locally produced fruit.

Government Palace

Government Palace Morelia

Originally the Tridentine Seminary of Valladolid, this building was completed in 1770. Today it is the seat of the executive branch of the government, a function it has served since 1867. Within the building you’ll find local architectural styles and three murals created by Alfredo Zalce, a Michoacan artist. These murals display various events from Mexico’s past.


City Hall

City Hall Morelia

The current city hall was originally a store which was responsible for the sale and control of tobacco. After Mexico achieved its independence, the Federal Government installed its offices here in 1859. Its octagonal courtyard is a beautiful example of local architecture.

Tram Tours

Paseos en Tranvía en MoreliaThe trams and buses of Morelia can take you on fantastic excursions throughout the city. Usually departing from the historic center, these tours travel to some of the most important local monuments and buildings, allowing you to learn about Morelia’s fascinating history. One of the trams completes its journey at the Museo del Dulce (Candy Museum), where visitors can see how traditional local sweets are created and you'll even have the chance to purchase some.

Passengers can also ride on open-air double-decker buses, providing visitors with a gentle breeze and the chance to enjoy spectacular views of Morelia’s historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Felipe Rivera Planetarium

Felipe Rivera Planetarium Morelia

Capable of holding up to 365 people, the planetarium has a hemispherical dome that is 65 feet in diameter. The dome resembles the nucleus of a comet with an eight-pointed star in the center and operates internally as a screen for 164 projectors that recreate the movements of the stars and planets relative to Earth.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe Morelia

At the edge of the historic center on the eastern side of the city, you’ll find the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe, considered one of the five most beautiful temples in the country. The sanctuary is connected to a square that is across from the Calzada de San Diego, a 985 foot cobbled street that leads to a church and is surrounded by beautiful homes and lush vegetation.

Although the facade showcases a simple baroque style, the impressive temple interiors feature splendid ornamentation that combines indigenous clay work with European plaster designs. The result is a majestic and unique display of leaves and floral details on the walls, vaults and domes as well as a memorable mix of red, pink and gold tones.

Tres Marias Golf Club

Tres Marias Golf Club

The only LPGA category golf course in Morelia, Tres Marias was designed by Jack Nicklaus. This signature course is made up of 27 holes distributed along a hillside that overlooks the city. Located in the most exclusive area of Morelia, the Tres Marias Golf Club offers luxurious facilities, a spectacular clubhouse, and is the highlight of the state.

Elegant restaurants, bars, lounges, game rooms, sports courts, pools, polo fields, an equestrian club, a gymnasium and a spa all complement the main attraction at the Tres Marias Golf Club. While entrance is limited to club members and their guests, Tres Marias has agreements with many local hotels, providing visitors to Morelia with the opportunity to enjoy a challenging round of golf.


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