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Preserving the traditions inherited from the Tarascan (the indigenous people of the region) and blending it with Spanish customs, Morelia offers a variety of cuisine. After the arrival of the conquistadors, the colonial period saw the addition of ingredients like almonds and the use of pork and beef, creating a unique selection of dishes.

Among the specialties that have become so famous is the traditional white fish of Patzcuaro, an exquisite dish that almost melts in your mouth. You’ll also want to try “uchepos”, small corn tamales filled with beans and sprinkled with cheese. Known as “palace rolls” during colonial times, “corundas” are triangle-shaped tamales wrapped in corn husks and filled with beef and vegetables. A famous local drink is “charanda”, a type of rum that can be enjoyed alone or mixed in a drink. For dessert lovers, Morelia offers its famous ice cream and traditional sweets like coconut candies, quince cheese, peanut brittle, mueganos (crispy pastries), jamoncillo (a milk and sugar candy), coffee liqueur and dulce de leche, which is sweetened milk served with cinnamon.

El Mago

El Mago in MoreliaMore than just a restaurant, El Mago is a tradition in Morelia. This small establishment was founded by a local football fan known as “El Mago” (The Wizard) and specializes in tortas (a kind of sandwich) and natural juices. The restaurant serves the greatest tortas in the city, both in regards to size and flavor. El Mago also offers a comfortable family atmosphere and has several restaurants located throughout the city. This charming dining venue is decorated in a style that is reminiscent of a colorful fruit market and displays pounds of fruit that are artfully arranged. During your meal, you can check out the numerous photos “El Mago” had taken with famous football players.

Along with the smell of fresh fruit, you can enjoy a juice made from fruit that you have personally selected. The warm family atmosphere of El Mago makes it one of the most popular restaurants in Morelia!

San Miguelito

San Miguelito MoreliaCombining art, signature cuisine and an unparalleled atmosphere, San Miguelito offers an extraordinary dining experience. Its innovative concept blends the elements of a restaurant and bar with those of galleries and museums. There are various sections with unique themes, although the most outstanding for its decor and originality is "Rincon de las Solteronas" (Maiden’s Corner), which has made San Miguelito famous.

This area houses hundreds of images of Saint Anthony, displaying works of all shapes and sizes that were created by artists from around the world. According to popular tradition, those who pray to an inverted figure of Saint Anthony will experience the miracle of finding a romantic partner. If you visit the “Maiden’s Corner” you’ll see thousands of requests that have been preserved and protected in large books. You may even want to add a prayer of your own.



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