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Monterrey Shopping

Monterrey features modern plazas and commercial areas where you can buy the latest fashions, handicrafts from all regions of Mexico, and folk art. You can also purchase items made of silver, wood, blown glass, pottery, and textiles, along with clay lamps and Huichol art. The abundance and diversity of leather products stands out, as does the city's impressive inventory of cowboy boots, which is probably the largest in the country.


There are modern shopping malls located throughout the city, featuring the top stores, elegant specialty shops, and stylish decor. All of them come complete with movie theaters and first-class restaurants.

The Zona Rosa, which is next to the Macro Plaza, is the perfect place to go shopping in downtown. Here you'll find a large pedestrian area that is very popular, mainly with the locals.



Citadel MonterreyCitadel houses a wide variety of stores selling products for the whole family. It is located in the east of the Monterrey metropolitan area.

Galerias Monterrey

Galerias Monterrey

This mall has a number of famous stores selling a countless array of goods and services. This is where you'll find the department store Liverpool and a food court where you can enjoy regional specialty dishes.

Galerias Valle Oriente

Galerias Valle Oriente

This is the ideal place to go shopping, as it features sophisticated stores and an endless array of boutiques selling up-market goods and exclusive international brands, as well as typical handicrafts.

Los Cavazos 

Located in Santiago, this is an excellent place to purchase handicrafts like wood and wrought-iron furnishings, and paper mache figures, along with pots and vases made of clay, black clay, stone, and wicker. Here you'll find high quality horsemanship equipment including saddles and spurs, as well as food stalls selling delicious regional cuisine.

Craft Market

Craft Market

Visit one of these markets held by the Monterrey Handicrafts Union, which feature small stalls displaying and selling the wares of local artisans. Here you'll find key chains carved from wood, leather hats and boots, typical candies, and a whole lot more. Colon Market and Juarez Market are both highly recommended.

Paseo San Pedro

Paseo San PedroThis modern shopping mall is located in an exclusive part of the Del Valle neighborhood. It features distinguished stores selling clothes, shoes, decorative goods, and accessories, as well as a food court and a large parking lot.

Plaza Fiesta San Agustín

Plaza Fiesta San Agustín

Plaza Fiesta San Agustin offers a wide variety of specialist and department stores, as well as movie theaters, banks, restaurants, and cafes. 

Plaza Mexico

Plaza Mexico

If you go shopping in Monterrey you can't miss out on a visit to Plaza Mexico, which is located right in the heart of the city. Its architectural design is an example of the classic facades of the city from the turn of the century. The plaza is spread out over two stories and is home to more than 100 stores and restaurants. It is decorated with a beautiful stained glass window featuring all the colors of colonial Mexico, a style that is predominant at Plaza Mexico. 

Citadel houses a wide variety of stores selling products for the whole family. It is located in the east of the Monterrey metropolitan area.

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