Montego Bay, Jamaica

Shopping in Montego Bay Jamaica: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Montego Bay, Jamaica

If you like shopping, Montego Bay is the place to go. It is the largest city on the northern coast of the island and the third largest in all of Jamaica. For this reason, there is an infinite number of shopping options, everything from bargain-priced souvenirs to luxury items.

Montego Bay is a shopper's paradise because of all the offers and cheap prices that come with being in the free zone. You can find ostentatious watches, jewelry, perfume, fine crystal and leather goods all at a cheaper-than-normal price. All this is possible thanks to the fact that the Jamaican government doesn't charge taxes on imported goods. Take advantage of the unbeatable prices! Choose between buying at the duty free luxury shops, in the colorful handicraft markets or in the shopping centers and areas that can be found in various points around the city.

Some of the most representative souvenirs to take back home are the colorful items of clothing like t-shirts and sarongs, Blue Mountain coffee, reggae music, Jamaican rum, straw hats, eye-catching paintings, sculptures and hand-carved wooden objects.

Shopping Zones

Shopping in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Within the cruise terminal of Montego Freeport, you can find a conglomeration of duty free shops with competitive prices. Find everything from a cheap trinket to an expensive Rolex. This is a favorite for thousands of people who come ashore off the many ships that come to Montego Bay.

Hip Strip is another shopping area in MoBay, located on the coast where the frequented Gloucester Avenue is. This area offers a number of restaurants, bars, small shops with regional handicrafts, shops that carry luxury items and a small market of handicrafts.

Shopping in Montego Bay, Jamaica

In the center of the city, there are also areas where you can go shopping, like St. James Street. On this street, there is a large handicraft market with an excellent variety of curios for souvenirs. Haggle and bargain for the best prices. Another shopping area in the center of the city is the City Centre Mall, where you can find good shops that sell clothing, accessories, watches and perfume, among other items. In the center of Montego Bay, you can find the Crafts Market, near Harbour Street. It is a place filled with multicolored items from the beautiful Jamaica.

Practically all the great resorts of the area have souvenir shops on the hotel grounds so if you don't feel like venturing out, you can always find something at these shops to take home at a bit of a higher cost. There are also fantastic options like those offered at the Half Moon, a resort where you can find a magnificent shopping center with luxurious shops, boutiques and restaurants.

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