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Corundas - Michoacan Cuisine

The cuisine of Michoacan preserves the ingredients and seasonings used by the Purepecha, the predominant indigenous group in the region. After the arrival of the Spanish, the descendants of the natives blended their culinary skills with Spanish cuisine. This resulted in dishes of unparalleled taste and variety, with distinct nuances from region to region.

The local cuisine features the delicious high-quality white fish from Patzcuaro, along with “uchepos,” which are small baby corn tamales; and “corundas,” which are irregularly shaped stuffed tamales. Other dishes, like “sopa tarasca” (Michoacan-style tortilla soup) and the famous carnitas de Michoacan (seasoned pulled pork) are popular throughout Mexico. Popular regional drinks include the “charanda,” which is a type of traditional liquor derived from sugar cane, similar to rum.

Desserts - Michoacan Cuisine

For dessert, you must try the “nieve de pasta,” a type of caramel-flavored ice cream, and the “chongos zamoranos,” a sweet milk curd dessert with an exquisite taste and consistency. An endless variety of traditional candies can be found throughout Michoacan. Enjoy the flavors and aromas that make this one of the most comprehensive and exotic Mexican states in terms of cuisine.

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