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Michoacan is one of the states in Mexico that is most proud of its history, culture, natural attractions, arts, and human and spiritual richness. It’s a great option for travelers who want to vacation in an amazing place and discover the soul of Mexico. The tourist attractions in Michoacan vary by region and area, and include nature, culture, rest and relaxation. There is also adventure tourism, rural tourism, architecture, handicrafts, and cuisine. Come and discover Michoacan, a state of endless variety!

This wonderful state preserves its colonial flavor, indigenous culture, and history through its colonial cities, temples, churches, artwork, and handicrafts.

Art and Culture

Art and Culture in Michoacan

Known as the Soul of Mexico, Michoacan is a very traditional state with enormous cultural riches that are reflected in each of its cities and towns. The large number of traditional festivals, cultural events, craft fairs, and arts festivals in Michoacan are also a reflection of a culture that seeks to express itself. There are always cultural events and performances, including fine arts, music, folklore, cuisine, and local traditions.

In Morelia, the state capital, there is the International Film Festival, the International Music Festival, and the International Guitar and Organ Music Festivals. In Patzcuaro, there’s also an annual summer guitar festival. Other outstanding events include the National Guitar Fair in Paracho and the National Copper Fair in Santa Clara del Cobre. The variety and frequency of these events, plays, shows, conferences, exhibitions, and recitals makes Michoacan one of the states with the most cultural activity, both in quality and quantity.

Michoacan Profile

  • A state known as the "Soul of Mexico" for its history, culture, arts, and traditions
  • Numerous communities specializing in the production of unique handicrafts
  • Incredible natural attractions, a pleasant climate, and spectacular geography
  • Ancient indigenous traditions fused with religious customs
  • Art and cultural festivals of all kinds in all of the regions
  • A variety of pre-Colombian cuisine, including desserts and artisanal candies
  • An abundance of boutique hotels, colonial inns, and affordable lodging

Things to do in Michoacan

  • Explore Morelia, the capital city, on a guided tour or by trolley.
  • From October through February, see the amazing phenomenon of the Monarch butterflies that travel more than 3,000 miles to arrive in Michoacan each year.
  • Visit some of the indigenous communities, especially the island of Janitzio, in late-October and early-November to see the traditional Night of the Dead celebrations.
  • Tour the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Morelia, considered one of the most beautiful churches in the country for its elaborate decor.
  • Visit the towns of Santa Clara and Paracho during the month of August and attend their respective arts festivals.
  • Take a photo in front of the “Unfinished Cathedral” in Zamora, one of the most beautiful churches in the state, which ironically remains unfinished.
  • Try regional specialties, like “uchepos,” “corundas,” Michoacan-style tortilla soup, or the famous and succulent “carnitas.”
  • Attend one of the film, music, or art festivals that take place throughout the year.
  • Sample one of the delicious desserts that this state is known for, including the traditional “Nieve de Pasta,” a caramel-flavored ice cream that was originally created in Patzcuaro.


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