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Miami Florida Attractions: What to do and Where to go in Miami

Atracciones en Miami Florida

Miami is not just gleaming beaches and chic boutiques, there's also a whole host of exciting and interesting attractions just waiting to be discovered. With tourism as Miami's main economic activity, this vibrant city has transformed itself from a sleepy Florida outpost into a cosmopolitan metropolis that's bursting with life and things to do.

Miami boasts a really diverse line-up of attractions for all ages, including museums, aquatic activities, city tours, incredible architecture and so much more. While on vacation in this stunning destination, one thing is for sure, you'll never get bored!

The Beaches

Attractions in Miami Florida

No visit to Miami would be complete without hitting the beach. Along with the incredible nightlife, the beaches are definitely one of Miami's main spots, attracting sun worshippers from around the world.

Without a doubt South Beach has to be the most popular in all Miami. Located on the barrier island that runs parallel with the mainland and downtown Miami, South Beach is the place to be for sun, sea and people watching. Lie on the public beach and watch the world go by or venture into one of the ber cool beach clubs, such as Niki Beach, where both the cocktails and the music are mixed to perfection. For a slightly more low-key day on the sand you should also try North Beach and Central Beach. If you want to escape the crowds completely and have plenty of space just for you, then take a trip out to Virginia Beach or Sunny Isles, you won't be disappointed.

Art Deco Historic District

Attractions in Miami Florida

Wealthy vacationers chose Miami as the destination of choice in the twenties and thirties and the streamlined buildings that make up the South Beach Art Deco district, reflect this to this day. After an initial boom period the area fell into a period of neglect. However, in recent decades the area has seen an incredible amount of renovation and is once again the place to be seen in Miami. This neighborhood of pastel hues has now, once again, become one of Miami's main attractions. A great place to start is at the Art Deco Welcome Center, which is where you can find plenty of tourist information and maps to assist your exploration.

Miami Metro Zoo

Attractions in Miami Florida

Spanning a total area of 740 acres, the Miami Metro Zoo is a great day out for all the family. There's so much to see and do, including learning about the more than 1000 animals, representing over 400 species, 48 of which listed as endangered. Over three miles of walkways lead you through lush landscapes where you can see the animals playing in replicas of their natural habitats.

Deering Estate

Attractions in Miami Florida

A visit to this beautiful, historic home of philanthropist Charles Deering is a must for anyone with a keen interest in the arts. They have Charles Deering's personal collection permanently on display and also feature lots of temporary exhibitions throughout the year. In total there are 3 buildings to explore, on the 440 -acre property and extensive grounds all of which are beautifully kept and chock full of fascinating flora and fauna. Prehistoric bones have also been found here and you can see the archeologists at work during your visit. Guided tours of the property and grounds are available. So if you want to escape the crowds and get a glimpse as to what Miami was like in the early 1900's then a trip to the Deering Estate comes highly recommended.

Miami Seaquarium

Attractions in Miami Florida

Offering an entertaining and educational experience, the Miami Seaquarium is a great place for a fun day out. Year round, the warm weather provides the perfect conditions for outdoor marine shows featuring killer whales and dolphins. Other attractions at the Seaquarium include seals, sea lions, turtles and Florida's very own manatee. A great day out for the whole family.

Miami Science Museum

Attractions in Miami Florida

Located a little north of Coconut Grove, the Miami Science museum has a more than 140 fascinating exhibits, all of which are interactive and very hands-on. The museum also features rare specimens and live demonstrations making it a really fun and educational place to visit. Also part of the museum you'll find the Wildlife Center, which has a total of 175 reptiles and birds of prey. However, probably the most exciting exhibit is the Planetarium, where they have a simply amazing laser light show that's well worth watching.

Dolphin Stadium

Attractions in Miami Florida

While visiting Miami, a great way to spend an afternoon is to go and see a local sporting event. Located in a suburb called Miami Gardens, this impressive stadium is home for both the world famous Miami Dolphins and MLB's Florida Marlins. This state of the art stadium was completed in 1987 and features both a club level and executive suites as well. Experience the thrill of a football or baseball game at Dolphin Stadium Miami!

Everglades National Park

Attractions in Miami Florida

The Everglades National Park covers most of the southern tip of the Florida peninsula and has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and also as an International Biosphere Reserve. There is a wide variety of plant life within the park, including mangroves, sawgrass, and swamp lands. The area is also known for the diversity of birds that call the area home, ranging from great blue heron to roseate spoonbill and a variety of egrets, however probably the most interesting fact is that it's the only place on the entire planet where crocodiles and alligators coexist side by side. For anyone who has an interest in nature then the Everglades should definitely be on you itinerary.

Jungle Island

Attractions in Miami Florida

Located on a small island between Downtown and Miami Beach, Jungle Island is a great place for a family day out. There is lots to see and do and Jungle Island, including 1,100 tropical birds and over 2000 different types of plants and flowers. The animals have enclosures similar to their natural habitats and have space to roam around. You'll be able to see orangutans, baboons, llamas, kangaroos and even a liger, which is a mix between a lion and a tiger! Get the family together and spend a wonderful day at Jungle Island.

South Florida Art Center

Attractions in Miami Florida

Established in 1984, the South Florida Art Center gives up and coming artists a chance to expose there work to a much wider audience. The exhibitions mainly focus on contemporary visual art, current aesthetic issues and community awareness. There are close to 40 resident artists here, which you can see at work in their subsidized studio spaces. This gallery is a fantastic place to go visit if you want to see new and emerging artists showing off their incredible talent.

Jai Alai

Attractions in Miami Florida

Interestingly enough the 17th century Basque game of Jai Alai is incredibly popular in Miami. This form of indoor Lacrosse was originally introduced to the area in 1924 and still remains a popular sport today. Betting on Jai Alai matches adds to the excitement and as the Florida Gaming Corporation owns Jai Alai in Miami it is perfectly legal. This sport is a really unique game to watch, so if you are up for seeing a fast paced, action packed event, where you might even win some money, then go watch a Jai Alai match while in Miami.

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