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Mexicali Valley

A prosperous city located in a fertile valley on the northeastern tip of Baja California, this destination receives thousands of business and leisure travelers each year. Mexicali has something to offer everyone, including entertaining bars and nightclubs along with delicious fusion cuisine created by the blend of cultures featured in the city (from Arabic to Chinese). Major industries take advantage of the city’s close proximity to the United States to efficiently produce and export a variety of goods that range from fashionable clothing to high-end technology.


Mexicali, Baja California

Mexicali offers hotels to suit all budgets as well as a diverse cultural repertoire that includes museums, galleries and venues that host artistic and cultural exhibits as well as sporting events.

Border with the United States

Mexicali, Border with the United States

Thanks to the city’s location, near the border between Mexico and the United States, Mexicali and Calexico share many economic and social ties, including their peculiar names, which were created by playfully combining the words Mexico and California. Known for its agriculture and industry, Mexicali is home to many textile factories and assembly plants. Thanks to the production of a variety of merchandise, the city is a major gateway to the U.S. market and offers great business opportunities.

Mexicali Profile

  • The state capital of Baja California.
  • The third busiest border crossing in the world, after Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana.
  • The gateway to the North American market and California, the most economically important U.S. state and ranked eighth in the world.
  • The main provider of water in the region thanks to the numerous aquifers in the Mexicali Valley and the Colorado River delta.
  • Home to a large Chinese population, making Chinese food a major part of the local cuisine.
  • Popular with tourists who live near the border in California and Arizona, who visit to shop or visit the doctors and dentists on the Mexican side.
  • Offers exciting nightlife options, including restaurants, bars and nightclubs.
  • Features majestic natural attractions, such as El Centinela Hill, the Guadalupe Canyon, Laguna Salada, Sierra de Juarez and the Hardy River.

Things to do in Mexicali

  • Try the local cuisine and visit some of the city’s many Chinese restaurants to enjoy a meal
  • Visit La Chinesca, Mexicali’s Chinese neighborhood
  • Explore the museums and cultural sites
  • Go out at night and visit the exciting bars and nightclubs located within the city
  • Join the adventure and ecotourism activities at the Guadalupe Canyon, Laguna Salada, La Rumorosa, the Hardy River and the Valley of the Giants
  • Head to Playa San Felipe to enjoy the sun and water sports
  • Enjoy a day of shopping in Calexico
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