Mendoza, Argentina

Shopping in Mendoza, Argentina: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Mendoza, Argentina

Shopping in Mendoza brings together the best of both worlds. Here you will find everything from outdoor artisans' markets selling traditional regional crafts to enormous shopping centers filled with restaurants and high end stores. Whether it's local spices or couture boutiques, you're sure to come across whatever it is you're looking for in Mendoza. Don't forget that most shops close from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day for siesta, making mornings and evenings the best times for buying in Mendoza.


Locals and tourists alike flock to different markets throughout the city to buy everything from accessories and leather goods to fruits and spices. Weekends are the best time to buy from outdoor vendors since most set up shop in different plazas and streets from Thursday through Sunday.

Shopping in Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza's oldest market, Mercado Central (Central Market), dates back to 1884. This historic building is situated on Las Heras Avenue. Here one can find all sorts of groceries including fruits, spices, vegetables, cheeses and meats alongside handicrafts such as Inca weavings and traditional ponchos. Small shops also offer tables where you can sit down and listen to live music while enjoying empanadas, pizza or sandwiches.

Shopping in Mendoza, Argentina

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, outdoor arts and crafts markets set up shop throughout downtown's different plazas. The largest takes place in Plaza Independencia, where visitors can explore small stands lining the entire plaza while enjoying live music and theater. Smaller markets line up in Plaza Espana and along Calle Mitre. Make sure to visit the outdoor antiques market in Plaza Pellegrini Thursdays through Saturdays, which also offers traditional music and dancing.

Aristides Villanueva Street

Shopping in Mendoza, Argentina

Aristides Villanueva has become more and more popular among locals and tourists over the past few years for its laid back nightlife. In addition to various pubs, bars, restaurants and youth hostels, this trendy strip is also home to many upscale fashion boutiques. Here shoppers can find accessories, high end sports gear, surf shops, shoes, men's clothing, women's high fashion and lingerie.

Las Heras Avenue

Shopping in Mendoza, Argentina

This downtown avenue is one of Mendoza's main streets and one of the best places to go for authentic souvenirs. It is lined with shops offering a wide range of traditional Argentine goods. Different locales sell high quality leather goods, hand-woven clothing, gourmet foods, chocolates, spirits, and high end wine.

Palmares Open Mall

Shopping in Mendoza, Argentina

Known for its unique architecture and design, Palmares Open Mall is located in the Godoy Cruz neighborhood, just ten minutes from downtown Mendoza. Shoppers can explore over 110 shops along with supermarkets, playgrounds, a movie theater and twelve food stands and restaurants. Its spacious open areas and terraces allow visitors to relax as they enjoy a day of shopping.

Mendoza Plaza Shopping Center

Shopping in Mendoza, Argentina

This mall is located in the Guaymallen area, ten minutes outside of the city. Here you can find more than 180 shops, a movie theater, department stores, and supermarkets along with twenty restaurants and food shops. Mendoza Plaza Shopping Center offers a variety of stores selling shoes, toys, accessories, sweets, sports gear, books, lingerie, clothing, groceries and more.

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