Mendoza, Argentina

Restaurants in Mendoza, Argentina: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Mendoza, Argentina

Traditional cuisine in Mendoza is similar to the rest of Argentina. With heavy southern European influences, here one can enjoy traditional Argentine "parrilladas" (grilled meats and pasta) along with regional favorites. Local classics include empanadas (delicious pastries filled with meat, onion, and other ingredients), beef stew, fried pasties, and the famous tortitas raspadas (scraped cookies).

In Mendoza, visitors can enjoy a unique and diverse dining experience, from sidewalk cafes and small parrilladas to gourmet restaurants and high end wine cellars.

Wine and Dine

Restaurants in Mendoza, Argentina

Most visitors come to Mendoza to try the many locally produced wines. Within the city many bodegas (wineries) offer visitors "flights", a set of various wine samples that are representative of certain regions. In the bodegas you can enjoy guided tours and learn about each wine from local experts.

Restaurants in Mendoza, Argentina

Where there's wine, there are sure to be amazing restaurants, and Mendoza is no exception. Innovative restaurants offer local, international and fusion cuisine in beautifully decorated, laid back facilities. Traditional parrilladas are available around Plaza Independencia, and on nearby Sarmiento Avenue you can find European-style outdoor cafes and ice cream shops along with a few fine dining options with traditional bodegas for wine tasting.

Restaurants in Mendoza, Argentina

Make sure to visit downtown's Aristides Villanueva Avenue, which features many creative and unique restaurants and bars where you can try local pizza and empanadas on colorful outdoor patios. Throughout the rest of the downtown area, different restaurants offer seafood, Middle Eastern specialties, European cuisine, and a fascinating mix of traditional and modern dishes, all combined with delicious local wines.

1884 Restaurante

Restaurants in Mendoza, Argentina

Serving French-inspired Patagonian haute cuisine in the suburb of Godoy Cruz, this restaurant features a romantic, candlelit atmosphere. It uses wood-fired mud ovens for roasted meats and traditional empanadas (a custom derived from the local Incas), along with French culinary techniques. The 36-page wine list offers detailed information on grapes and wineries, and visitors can enjoy tours of the extensive bodega and art gallery.


Restaurants in Mendoza, Argentina

Azafran, Spanish for "saffron", is an eclectic restaurant offering recipes from all over Argentina and the Mediterranean. Located in downtown Mendoza on Sarmiento Avenue, this restaurant uses locally grown produce combined with Italian influences for a fresh and unique flavor. Pick out a local wine from the cellar to go with your meal, whether it's lomo beef, pork tenderloin, pasta, tapas or filet mignon.

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