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You can buy almost anything in Mazatlan, from T-shirts to gemstones and seashells. One of the truly unique places to visit is the Aquiles Serdan street market, which sells shrimp and other seafood.

Casa Etnika

Casa Etnika in MazatlanDisplaying colorful and traditional Mexican handicrafts along with pottery and jewelry, this craft shop is one of the best places to acquire authentic Mexican art in Mazatlan. You’ll also find handmade hammocks and various utensils. Each piece sold at the shop is a unique creation, so you’ll never see the same item twice.  


NidArt, MazatlanNidArt is one of the most unique handicraft markets in Mazatlan. This “Nest of Artisans” is an exhibition center, workshop and market for crafts, jewelry and photography. During your visit, you’ll see a variety of beautiful work exhibited by the families who create these fine pieces, including clay figurines, leather masks, decorative art, sculptures, paintings, prints and drawings.

Sea Shell City Museum

Sea Shell City Museum in MazatlanDiscover the great variety of souvenirs, handicrafts and seashell artwork featured at this museum. Many of the unique and incredible pieces on offer are beautifully detailed and expertly made.



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