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Food and Drink in Mazatlan

Mazatlan is considered the “Shrimp Capital”, so it’s no surprise that the most popular local dishes are based around this delicious crustacean. One of the local and state specialties is Sinaloa shrimp, which are marinated in lemon juice, stuffed with grated cheese, wrapped in bacon and then grilled. Whether served in a cocktail, fresh or cooked in secret recipes, shrimp from the “Pearl of the Pacific” is something that simply must be enjoyed during your vacation.

You’ll find other outstanding meals in addition to fish and seafood, which are the main ingredients used in the preparation of the city’s cuisine. A popular breakfast dish is “chilorio”, made with finely shredded pork seasoned with ancho chili salsa and other spices. Sinaloa style grilled chicken is another regional specialty that is famous throughout the city, state and country for its exquisite flavor. your vacation.

El Shrimp Bucket

El Shrimp Bucket in MazatlanMazatlan’s El Shrimp Bucket restaurant was opened in 1963 and is still in its original location by the Boardwalk, though it is now part of Hotel La Siesta. This was the first restaurant in the Anderson’s chain, the famous creator of franchises like Senor Frog’s and Carlos’n Charlie’s.


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